Flip’n Cool – Top 6 Dangerous Iceberg Collapse Videos

John Konrad
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February 6, 2012


While arctic ice patrols and real-time satellite imagery has made iceberg avoidance routine, some ship captains still seek the thrill of getting close to these ice-cold arctic behemoths. Lucky for us, most of these thrill seekers take video cameras with them.


Filmed by Mike Earle this video shows an iceberg collapses off the National Historic District of Battle Harbour, Labrador. And, sorry Mike, Icebergs aren’t always “attached to the bottom” as you mention in the video.

Too Close For Comfort

If you think a cruise ship “flyby” is dangerous in the warm waters of the Italian coast then close your eyes for the next video because Captain Francesco Schettino certainly has nothing on the captain of Antarctic Dream. Watch as he wrestles an iceberg with the bow of his ship.

Flying Shrapnel

Crashing your ship into an iceberg is a dumb way to get your thrills but it’s not half as crazy as these videos of rock hard ice being thrown by claving bergs.


Ice melts in water, so what happens when the bottom of an iceberg melts leaving a massive amount of ice up top? Capsize!

“Tsunami” of Ice

Filmed by a local resident, this footage shows a massive wave that was generated by the calving of an iceberg into the sea. The wave is small at first, but builds in size crashing into a nearby coast where fishing boats are tossed and broken apart.

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