Feds Weigh “Nuclear Option” to Stop Flow of Oil into the Gulf

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June 2, 2010


Protesters demonstrating against BP in front of Jackson Square. About five hundred people attended protest in New Orleans. photo: Bill Sasser / NY Times

The chatter began weeks ago as armchair engineers brainstormed for ways to stop the torrent of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico: What about nuking the well?

NY Times – Decades ago, the Soviet Union reportedly used nuclear blasts to successfully seal off runaway gas wells, inserting a bomb deep underground and letting its fiery heat melt the surrounding rock to shut off the flow. Why not try it here?

The idea has gained fans with each failed attempt to stem the leak and each new setback — on Wednesday, the latest rescue effort stalled when a wire saw being used to slice through the riser pipe got stuck. more »

CNN Blog: A Day with Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen


Adm. Thad Allen has been called many things:  Sir, commandant, TA, fearless leader and now, the latest headline in print calls him a “rock star.”

He laughs, but when it comes time for “down time,” it’s music that calms his mind. (Smoke on the Water?)

“I am very careful who rents space in my head,” he tells me as I ask whether all the criticism over this oil disaster in the Gulf  gets to him.

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