Leonard Francis, aka Fat Leonard, the man behind the largest scandal of the century.

‘I Had The US Navy By The B*lls’ Says Fat Leonard In New Podcast Series

John Konrad
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September 26, 2021

by John Konrad (gCaptain) Fat Leonard is the worst scandal to hit the US Navy since Tailhook in 1991, but – despite 33 federal indictments, 22 guilty pleas and tens of millions of dollars of graft – the man at the center of the scandal which sunk the careers of hundreds of top naval officers, Leonard Francis, has never spoken publically… until now.

This will change with “FAT LEONARD,” a nine-part investigative podcast exploring the ongoing investigation into one of the largest national security breaches involving the U.S. Navy in decades, by Tom Wright author of the runaway bestselling book Billion Dollar Whale. With Leonard Francis exclusively talking for the first time, Wright uncovers the shocking reality of the defense contractor who won tens of millions of dollars through corrupt deals with the U.S. Navy in exchange for cash bribes, escorts, and luxury items.

“This scandal took in a huge percentage of flag officers,” said former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. “It really hamstrung the Navy in terms of promotions, in terms of positions.”

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The first episode does not come out until October 5th but according to the trailer, Francis would agree. “I had the US Navy by their balls,” says Leonard. “I turned my torpedoes against them because they betrayed me.”

The FAT LEONARD podcast will shed light on the Navy’s cover-up of the case, which has gone after more than 30 officers but failed to prosecute admirals whom Leonard claims took gifts and favors. The explosive story will also feature scores of other voices, including prominent women who share the broader tale of misogyny and sexual abuse in the U.S. military. 

“The story of Leonard Francis’ rise to power in the navy through bribery and kickbacks is the most important corruption case in recent military history,” said Tom Wright. “It reveals a gaping hole in U.S. national security and how misogyny is still running rampant from petty officers to admirals.”

In FAT LEONARD, Host Tom Wright takes a deep dive into Leonard Francis’ mafia-like organization inside the Navy, corrupting even the top officer at the famed Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) as it started receiving tips about his shady dealings. Details will be divulged around Francis’ videotaping of indiscretions with Navy officers, including the 7th Fleet head of intelligence, creating one of the U.S. military’s worst-ever national security failures. Further, listeners will learn how Francis’ scam was tolerated because he was a trusted intermediary of the Navy, paying bribes on their behalf to gain U.S. access to ports and protecting warships from terrorists. Additionally, Francis will explain the part he played in covert missions against Al Qaeda, using his own warship Braveheart to support Marines, with U.S. diplomatic cover.

Women involved in the scandal will also give first-hand accounts, including the role of one Navy wife in bringing down Leonard, in her own words. Also explained will be the fight by Leonard’s girlfriends for the return of their children, snatched from them and living with him under house arrest. The alarming details in FAT LEONARD could destabilize the biggest trials yet of Navy officers in this case, set to begin in November.

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