Crew Seizes Ship Back From Somali Pirates

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June 2, 2010


M/V RIM IMO: 7328554 – photo via SHIPSPOTTING »

Crew of the hijacked MV RIM retake control from Pirates, EU NAVFOR warship SPS VICTORIA gives medical support

Today at 1010 local time, the hijacked Libyan owned merchant vessel RIM reported that the crew had successfully retaken control of the ship.  One crew member was seriously injured during the incident.

The incident took place south east of Garacad, off Somalia’s northern coastline.  The closest EU NAVFOR warship, the SPS VICTORIA, was immediately tasked by the Force Commander Jan Thörnqvist, to meet up with MV RIM in order give medical assistance. SPS VICTORIA launched her helicopter immediately.

Confusing reports that the ship had been pirated again came prior to the helicopter reaching the scene of the incident.  It was quickly established that the crew were in control of the vessel.  There were however, pirates in the vicinity who were attempting to impede the EU NAVFOR operation by utilising another hijacked vessel the MV VOC DAISY. When SPS VICTORIA’s helicopter approached the MV VOC DAISY she changed her course – no warning shots were fired.

It is believed that some of the pirates were killed during the incident; the ship is now under the control of the crew.

EU NAVFOR is monitoring the situation and more information will be released as it becomes available.


During a serious shoot-out between two rival pirate groups surrounding the sea-jacked MV RIM, leaving 9 Somalis dead, the Syrian crew of the vessel managed to overpower six pirates on board and to sail free. Maritime observers working with ECOTERRA Intl. reported that the crew is said to be all right and that the six Somalis are kept on board as captives. The scrap-vessel MV RIM was seized on February 02, 2010.

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