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Costa Cruise Ship Adrift off Seychelles, Fire Breaks Out in Engine Room

Rob Almeida
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February 27, 2012

costa allegra

Costa Cruises can’t catch a break.

Just 6 weeks after the Costa Concordia ran aground off Italy, another one of their cruise ships, the Costa Allegra has caught fire and is now adrift two hundred miles southwest of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  The vessel remained without power or lights as night fell.

As we know, 200 miles southwest of Seychelles is not exactly the safest place for an adrift vessel in terms of piracy however it has been reported that the vessel does have an Italian security detail on board.

The following is the statement from Costa Cruises:

Costa Cruises has been informed that today at 10:39, Italian time, a fire developed on board Costa Allegra in the engine room, the local electric generators located at the stern. procedures and the system of fire board were promptly activated and the special brigades of the board have occurred, the fire was extinguished and did not extend to any other area of the ship.

There were no injuries or casualties.

As a precaution on board was promptly given the general emergency alarm, all passengers and crew members, not involved in emergency management, they went to muster stations with the safety equipment required.  Currently the ship is over 200 miles south-west of the Seychelles and about 20 miles from Alphonse Island, are ongoing checks on the state of the engine room to be able to restart the equipment necessary to reactivate the functionality of ship. As per procedures, were advised the competent authorities, including the Maritime Rescue Control Centre of Rome, who are following the developments of the situation to give the necessary support. The ship launched a distress signal.

The Company and the competent authorities are working to provide the ship with the necessary support in light of developments. On the site are oceangoing tugs and other support.  On board are 636 passengers of various nationalities and 413 crew members. The ship, which departed Saturday, February 25 from Diego Suarez, was directed to the port of Victoria (Mahé, Seychelles ) where she was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, February 28.

Costa Allegra, built in 1992 by Mariotti shipyards in Genoa, is 28,597 tons, and 188 meters long. With a maximum capacity of 1400 people, has eight passenger decks and 399 cabins.

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