Concordia Post-Mortem: Safety, Preparation Go Together

Monkey Fist
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February 27, 2010

image Last week’s news of the sinking school ship Concordia, which sailed from Nova Scotia to destinations around the world, rocked many who read of the 64 students, staff and crew plucked from the ocean.

The ship was lost, but luckily, all souls were saved.

It’s important to remember in a situation like this that the choice to take on an adventure of this sort lies directly with those who step onto the ship. With the decision to try out something new, they accept the risk that the worst can happen.

To some, it may appear that the worst did happen in this case. The ship was lost, sunk after trouble in rough seas. But the best news is the level of professionalism that must have followed through each step of the operation, from the moment the ship got into trouble, until the moment the group watched it sink beneath the ocean’s surface while waiting for rescue in a lifeboat. It’s a sad event, but it could have been worse.

For the past several years, such organizations have been under public scrutiny. From television shows to Hollywood movies sensationalizing life aboard a ship, people have wondered what really happens on a tall ship.

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