history supreme gold yacht

Blingitty bling BLING!! History Supreme: The world’s most pretentious yacht [UPDATE]

Rob Almeida
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July 20, 2011

If you want to go really big, the Maltese Falcon might be a good option, but if you want to go straight up Malaysian gangsta, you need one of these…

history supreme gold yacht

The 100-foot long History Supreme was built over a 3-year period with 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum accents including a her hull which is completely wrapped in gold.  The $4.8 BILLION price tag also included meteoric stone wall fixtures and petrified dinosaur bone from a T-Rex.

To put this in perspective, each foot of this yacht cost $48,000,000 to build.

Blingmasters from Stuart Hughes of Liverpool were commissioned for this unbelievable project.




The master stateroom



The glass atrium / dining room


The aft deck. 

All images © Giovanni De Sandre www.giovannidesandre.com

***UPDATE***  There’s no freakin’ way this boat was built with 100,000 kgs of gold and platinum.  If anyone wants to say otherwise feel free, but you better send us some solid proof.  First off, tell us how the heck you get your hands on 100,000 kgs of gold and platinum…





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