Austrian Company Unveils Tanker-Based Superyacht Concept

Mike Schuler
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December 8, 2014

Illustration: MOTION Code: BLUE

An Austrian yacht design firm has unveiled a new superyacht concept for the uber rich that is based on the size and shape of a modern suezmax oil tanker.

The new yacht concept, developed by the company MOTION Code: BLUE and called “Imara”, will measure a staggering 280 meters long(or about 918 feet) with a hull shape based on the dimensions of a Suezmax tanker. According to the designers, this makes the design the world’s biggest yacht concept.

Suezmax’s can typically carry about 1 million barrels of oil and are named for being the largest oil tankers capable of transiting the Suez Canal fully laden. At around 160,000 deadweight tons, Suezmax’s can also burn anywhere from 30 to more than 60 tons of fuel per day, although any superyacht of this size and scope would certainly never be loaded to the same waterline as a laden crude oil tanker of the same dimensions.

imara superyacht concept II
Illustration: MOTION Code: BLUE

According to a write-up of the concept in the magazine Charter World, the Imara comes will all the bells, whistles and toys you would expect out of a modern superyacht concept deserving of the world’s biggest title, but with some even more mind-boggling features, such as a four-story indoor ski slope with its own Austrian-themed après lodge.

The tanker-based concept may be biggest design yet from MOTION Code: BLUE, but the wildest design is up for debate. The company also just unveiled a 115 meter private submersible superyacht called the “Migaloo”.

Migaloo submersible concept. Illustration:
Migaloo submersible concept. Illustration: MOTION Code: Blue

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