Staxxon Folding Container

Staxxon – The Amazing Folding Container

John Konrad
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March 23, 2011

Staxxon Folding Container
Staxxon Folding ContainergCaptain has showcased a wide array of BIG ideas aimed at reducing the environmental impact of shipping. From giant kites flown off the bow of ships to catamarans made out of reused junk. But it’s the simple ideas combined with BIG inefficiencies that offer the greatest chance of reducing our industry’s carbon footprint. Enter Staxxon!

The company, run by lastmile blogger and entrepreneur Tom Stitt has developed a vertical folding container solution that addresses the cost and inefficiencies involved in moving empty intermodal containers.

Staxxon’s primary objective is to develop a vertical folding and nesting method for empty containers that removes the most expensive commodity container cargo – air – and replaces air with folded and nested empty containers that meet existing CSC structural and weathertight standards for dry containers when unfolded.

Staxxon looks to provide a retrofit and new container approach to folding and nesting that adds one-time incremental cost which is recovered by cost savings (fewer lift/picks/moves) and improved container utilization.

Their top sustainability objective is to reduce the number of container ship movements at ports related to empty containers by focusing on the larger challenge of reducing net sea-going vessel movements involving empty containers. They accomplish this with an innovative container folding and stacking method.

Staxxon Conceptional Design Video

Staxxon Container In Action

Learn more at the Staxxon website.

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