20 Best Lectures to Learn About the Oil Spill

Mike Schuler
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July 14, 2010

This post comes to gCaptain via OnlineDegreePrograms.com and serves as a great collection of some of the best lectures, broken down by category, about the Gulf Oil Spill to date.  Take a look at the list and let us know if there is anything you would recommend in the comments.

20 Best Lectures to Learn About the Oil Spill

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill has practically destroyed wildlife, whole industries, and marine ecosystems up and down the Gulf Coast, and it poses many long-term risks to human health. Conservationists, policymakers, scientists, engineers, oil executives, and everyday residents whose lives have been disrupted — at the very least — are involved in a critical argument about the future of oil and energy consumption and production in the United States, and about accepting responsibility and committing to paying back all the losses resulting from the spill. Even if you don’t live anywhere near the Gulf Coast, you’re probably going to be affected by the spill in some respect. These lectures given by university professors, scientists, marine life experts, and even the president will tell you how.

Environment and Ecosystem

Discover how the oil spill is killing sea life, the wetlands and other ecosystems here.

  1. What the Big Spill Means for Sea Life: Natural Resources Defense Council marine expert Dr. Lisa Suatoni explains the sea life and ecosystems being damaged by the oil spill. [Open Culture]
  2. President Obama’s Oval Office Address on BP Oil Spill and Energy: President Obama’s controversial speech addresses the need for environmental policy reform. [White House]
  3. Oil Cleanup Poses Risks in Louisiana’s Fragile Marshes: Learn about the cleanup’s effect on Louisiana’s marshlands and the risks posed to the wildlife there. [NPR]
  4. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: 35 Days from Space: View the oil spill from its first day through the 35-day mark from space. [Open Culture]
  5. Observation: Philippe Cousteau talks about conservation and his experience diving into the oil spill. [TEDxOilSpill]
  6. Saving the Marine Animals: The head of the wildlife rescue effort in Houma, LA, discusses saving marine animals in the Gulf and recording the dead. [UC Davis]
  7. Issues of the Environment 5-26-10: Learn about the oil spill as it reaches “critical” status and inspires scientists, policymakers and regular people to start thinking about alternatives to fossil fuels more seriously. [Eastern Michigan University]
  8. Keeping Up with the Oil Spill: Professor Cutler Cleveland explains the long-term environmental effects of BP’s oil spill, from coastal wetlands to the shrimping business. [BU Today]

Human Health

These talks will help you understand the risks that the oil spill and all its toxins pose to human health.

  1. How Will the Gulf Oil Spill Affect Human Health?: Listen to or read the full-text of this report on the human health risks and effects from the spill. [NPR]
  2. RFK, Jr. Discusses Health Effects of Oil Spill: Discover the long-term health effects of the oil spill and the dispersants to clean up the spill. [Go Left TV]
  3. Lindsey Williams Talks with Alex Jones About Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill: The author of The Energy Non-Crisis explains that the oil destroys wildlife, beaches and marine ecosystems, but the toxins coming out of the spill will cause catastrophic damage to human health and even “unborn babies.” [The Alex Jones Channel]

Business and Industry

Watch and listen to lectures about financial losses, the economy, local businesses and what’s next for business, the oil industry and more.

  1. Louisiana Senator Gives Take on Gulf Oil Spill: Listen to Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu discuss the financial losses resulting from the BP oil spill. [NPR]
  2. Implications of the Gulf Spill: Bob Schieffer and James Schlessinger talk about what we can expect regarding changes in policy, energy and industry after the oil spill. [Center for Strategic and International Studies]
  3. Oil Spill Unravels Future of Net-Making in Gulf: Learn about the net-making industry, and how, after surviving Katrina, the oil spill may ruin it altogether. [NPR]
  4. Future of Energy: Learn about the possible future of energy — including how we use it, conserve it, and regulate it — after the oil spill. [TEDxOilSpill]
  5. Oil Spill Crisis Puts Jindal Back on Center Stage: Republican governor and Party protege Bobby Jindal may be experiencing a career changing moment due to the oil spill. [NPR]
  6. Oil Science: This lecture honestly discusses our consumption and production of oil. [TEDxOilSpill]


Learn about possible solutions and efforts to stop the oil spill and solve the crisis.

  1. Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Pros and Cons of Dispersants: An advisor to the U.S. government and BP explains the pros and cons of various dispersants that are being used to clean up the spill. [UC Davis]
  2. US Oil Spill Explained: This talk features illutrations to explain the leaks and attempted efforts to stop the leaks. [Al Jazeera English]
  3. Gulf Emergency Summit: Venica, LA, resident Kindra Arnesen addresses the Gulf Emergency Summit to give her perspective of “going behind enemy lines” and listen in on meetings held by BP, the Coast Guard and other leaders trusted to clean up the spill. [Gulf Emergency Summit]


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