Wilson’s 2nd crossing ends on his S/V Bowden. Waiting for rescue in 2002

In 2000, Trevor Wilson made an attempt at a lifelong dream. He set out on a solo sail across the Atlantic from the U.K.  A broken rudder ended that trip and he had to be rescued and lost his sailboat.  Undaunted, he tried again in 2002, but got caught in a hurricane.  He broke three ribs, was rescued, and lost his sailboat.  In 2005 he tried again, this time making it to Brazil – but then another storm, a lost mast, and finally a sinking off Guyana led to another rescue – and a third lost sailboat.  This morning, the 72 year old sailor and author of the book “Sailing Alone Across The Atlantic”  had to be rescued again, and he lost his sailboat.

This morning the USCG Reported:

“Wilson activated his 406 megahertz emergency position indicating radio beacon at approximately 6 a.m., which alerted the Coast Guard 5th District watchstanders.  Watchstanders deployed an aircrew aboard an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., to search the EPRIB’s indicated location.  The helicopter crew located the sailboat Erma and made contact via VHF-FM radio. Wilson reported to the aircrew he had been unconscious for seven hours and believed that he had fallen and hit his head. The aircrew deployed a rescue swimmer who took Wilson off his sailboat and took him to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.”

Update: The Coast Guard released video of the rescue this afternoon.


Below is a video of Wilson and Erma leaving England in July of 2010. It’s unclear how that trip ended, but we know both Trevor and his boat, Erma, were sailing a short 90 or so miles from the US coast just yesterday.  Personally, I hope he was headed back home after a successful crossing to America.  If not, I’m almost certain he’ll be trying again soon.

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  • Bağımsız Yunanlılar No7

    What exactly is it that you’re saying Yiran….??

  • Bağımsız Yunanlılar No7

    This Wilson guy…effing madman..! Tycoon with lots of money and time in his hands!

    • Mario Vittone

      Wilson is no tycoon. Middle class at best, really.

      • Bağımsız Yunanlılar No7

        OK then! Oh well, tycoon or not he certainly is a madman! Btw, Mr. Vittone, i would like to congratulate you for all your achievments; I’ve read the “about the author” you see;-) Keep up the excellent work!

        • Mario Vittone

          Thank you so much, Bağımsız.

  • David

    The Coast Guard should bill him for the cost of the rescue.

    • Stuurman

      Throw the bum in jail for repeatedly endangering the life of others.

  • Ron Palmer

    Agree with David, the Coast Guard should recover their costs from Mr. Wilson. Does he have a death wish? His preparation, overall seamanship and sailing ability must be called into doubt perhaps with his mental state. He is obviously a very slow learner. Perhaps the knock on the head may straighten up his learning process.

    • MotherFucker

      Ron, Ron, Ron…when will you learn to be tolerant of other people and the ways they choose to spend their free time…?

    • Trevor Wilson (jnr)

      perhaps a bang on your would help you to learn this guy is 72 years old and no he is not slow he does not sit at home and vegitate like you probably are and if it was not for sailors and seamen alike there would no need for any rescue service on the seas so those guys would be out of a job.

      • MotherFucker

        Hey Junior, you should be proud of your father, no doubt! Let’s hope next time he does it everything works fine and he accomplishes his mission alright!

  • Dave C

    Trevor Wilson, far from being a “rich tycoon” is a pensioner from North Wales who has been trying to live the dream of following the route of a sailing journey made by the sailing ship Erma, in the 1800’s.He has had to do with second hand boats toughened up for ocean crossings and has had various mishaps. His book was written after losing his third boat as his only means of financing his fourth. He has more guts than anyone I know and people should not jump to sending in comments before knowing more about the person.

    • Mario Vittone

      I will agree, the man has guts. Discretion, however, may be another matter. Sailing solo across the Atlantic isn’t something to be done on a tight budget. I’m all for following a dream – but if one must do with “second hand boats” that require toughening up for ocean crossings, perhaps the plan should be reconsidered.

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