gCaptain’s Top 5 Most Freakish-Looking Megayachts


*+-With the year’s largest boatshow underway the docks of Fort Lauderdale are packed with elegant yachts of all sizes. But docked among the sleek lines of the world’s most attractive boats are a few ghastly designs which look like a halloween nightmare. And the worst looking boats will be too ashamed to even show up. […]

Ugly Ships – A New Blog Featuring Rust Buckets And “Modern” Paint Jobs

*+-The above photo of the Norwegian Gem was from our failed attempt at an Ugly Ship category on gCaptain. The idea was good but our regular readers didn’t care to see these eyesores of modern construction litter this blog’s homepage. What the idea needed was a separate website! Lucky for us someone else, ShipSpotting photographer […]

Now That Is An Ugly Ship


*+-CDR Salamander features China’s largest FPSO on Ugly Ship Thursday. He writes; A ship only a Captain could love. I don’t think anyone will be making those cool mahogany models of it anytime soon, but I ask you to BEHOLD and up close and personal shot of the 300,000 DWT $230 million Hai Yang Shi […]