USCG Releases Investigation Report Into Tall Ship Bounty Sinking

HMS Bounty Sinking USCG Photo

The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday released its report on the investigation into the October 2012 fatal sinking of the tall ship Bounty during Hurricane Sandy off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, which resulted in the death of one crewmember and the Captain. The findings in the report concluded that a combination of faulty management and crew risk assessment … [Read more...]

NTSB Releases Sinking of Tall Ship Bounty Incident Report

HMS Bounty Sinking USCG Photo

A captain's "reckless decision to sail into the well-forecasted path of Hurricane Sandy" was the probable cause of the sinking of a ship off the North Carolina coast in October 2012, the National Transportation Safety Board said in an incident report released today. The captain and one crewmember died in the accident. Three other crewmembers were seriously injured. On the … [Read more...]

2013 IMO Exceptional Bravery At Sea Award – And the winners are…


Two U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmers, ASTs Randy Haba and Daniel Todd, for saving the lives of 14 crew members from the tall ship HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy, and, posthumously, to a seafarer from China, Mr. Jinguo Yang, who died trying to save the life of a ferry passenger. We actually first heard of the 2013 award recipients back in June, but the awards were … [Read more...]

Bounty Sinking and Rescue in Photos and Video

HMS Bounty Sinking USCG Photo

On October 29, 2012, the 3-masted wooden tall ship Bounty, a 1960's-built replica of the 18th century Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty, foundered and sank in Atlantic Ocean off Hatteras, North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy. Responding to the scene, United States Coast Guard helicopter crews rescued 14 sailors from two life rafts. Tragically, the sinking killed Captain Robin … [Read more...]

Into the Storm – The Final Days and Decisions on Bounty

Bounty - July 8th, 2008 - Port Angeles, Washington

Drivers always slow down and rubberneck at car accidents, don't they?  Like me, you may have caught yourself complaining about the practice and wondering "Why are people so morbid that they have to slow down and look?"  That's what we all say, at least until we get close enough to see, and though we might strain our eyes to avoid looking like we are looking, we drive just a … [Read more...]

HMS Bounty Rescue Swimmers Chosen for IMO’s 2013 Exceptional Bravery at Sea Award

HMS Bounty Sinking USCG Photo

The 2013 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea will be awarded to two US Coast Guard rescue swimmers credited with saving the lives of 14 crewmembers from the tall ship HMS Bounty, the International Maritime Organization has announced. The IMO Council, meeting for its 110th session in London from July 15-19, decided that the 2013 award will go to Aviation Survival … [Read more...]

Hansen and HMS Bounty Organization Sued for $90 Million


The official USCG and NTSB reports on the sinking of Bounty aren't out yet. Even so, the lawyers for Claudene Christian's mother (also named Claudene) felt they had more than enough to bring suit against owner Robert Hansen and the HMS Bounty Organization.  On April 6th, attorney Ralph Mellusi filed a lawsuit on behalf of Claudene Christian who is seeking a total of ninety … [Read more...]