Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP

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The Costa Concordia departed Giglio Wednesday morning at approximately 11 a.m. and is making 2 knots north towards Genoa. Track the Concordia's progress here using this live AIS map courtesy Arrival in Genoa is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday (July 26-27). Having trouble viewing? See here MarineTraffic's Costa Concordia Page Full Coverage: Costa … [Read more...]

15 Spectacular Photos Of The Refloated Costa Concordia


The operation to refloat the Costa Concordia shipwreck from the shores of Giglio kicked off on the morning of July 14, 2014, two and a half years after the cruise liner shipwrecked along the small Italian island, killing 32 people. To remove the vessel from the island once and for all, engineers from the salvage consortium Titan-Micoperi slowly pumped air into 30 steel boxes … [Read more...]

Greenpeace Activists to Shadow Costa Concordia During Tow

The Costa Concordia

Update: She's off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP With the departure of the Costa Concordia from Giglio scheduled for Wednesday morning, environmental activists with Greenpeace and the Italian group Legambiente plan follow along with the convoy as it travels through one of Europe's largest marine sanctuaries. Greenpeace has been at the wreck site at Giglio all week … [Read more...]

Costa Concordia Fully Afloat


Update: She's off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP The Costa Concordia shipwreck has reached its final towing draft, thus completing the refloating phase of the largest maritime salvage in history. An update Tuesday from the project's website said that technicians had lowered the last starboard sponson (S14) into place, bring the vessel vessel its towing draft of … [Read more...]

Costa Concordia Departure Pushed Back to Wednesday

The prow of cruise liner Costa Concordia is seen during the refloat operation at Giglio harbour at Giglio Island July 21, 2014. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Update: She's off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP With the full refloating of the Costa Concordia cruise liner almost complete, departure of the shipwreck from Giglio has been confirmed for Wednesday, July 23, according to salvage officials. An update Monday afternoon in Giglio said that the salvors from the consortium Titan-Micoperi have been pushed back until … [Read more...]

Watch: New Time-Lapse Shows Progress in Costa Concordia Refloating

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Update: She's off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP The Costa Concordia shipwreck has been refloated now by an average of about 4 meters, according to the latest update from the project's website. If you have been following the refloating this week, as we have, it has been difficult to see if anything at all was happening. After all, most of the action is happening … [Read more...]

Underwater Footage Shows Refloated Costa Concordia

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Update: She's off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP Here is some underwater footage filmed from beneath the Costa Concordia on July 15, one day after the initial refloat of the shipwreck. In the video, you can clearly see the chains and cables that are wrapped around the hull of vessel, not to mention the fact that, yes, the Costa Concordia is floating once again! The … [Read more...]