The Grampian Protector, a 44-meter Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel was working in the North Sea last week during the nasty storm Xaver. One of the vessels’ crew took the following video of the ship being tossed about in 100 knot winds and foam-streaked seas.

The ERRV Vos Dee was operating in the region and experienced winds of 185-190 km/h and swells averaging 12-14 meters. Click HERE for photos.

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  • KennethDuncan1

    Ye first time in a few years i had to write hurricane force 12, imminent 2days in a row 3x in one trip

  • EpyperMc

    simon_mcclurg is that video for real? Isaac says big waves!!

  • MatjazKalc

    Have worked for many years on Iceland’s fishing fleet. This is some real s***t, but the ship holds it well.

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