yushin maru whaling japanese cetacean research sea shepherd

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reuters logoA whale tied to the side of Japanese Research vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 is dragged through the ocean in Mackenzie Bay, Antarctica, in this picture provided by Sea Shepherd Australia and taken February 15, 2013. Anti-whaling activists of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Group unsuccessfully tried to intervene in the transfer of the whale from a Japanese whaling vessel to another for more than nine hours, according to Sea Shepherd Conservation Group.

Nisshin Maru sea shepherd whaling

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Images (c) REUTERS/Glenn Lockitch/Sea Shepherd Australia

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    • Anders

      Right on the money remember. When you think japs remember Pearl Harbor.

  • Charles F. Burns

    They are barbarians and the world should never forget it.

    Knowing what we do about these animals today, it is nothing short of murder. Let them fill up on “surimi” – even better – send them Big Macs!!!!

    How about those poison fish they consider a delicasy? Ship ‘em in bulk – compliments of the people of Nanking!


  • Oceaninfantry

    I can’t say that I agree with what the “researchers” are doing but it’s their culture and it must be changed from the inside. The sea shepherds are a bunch of incompetent idiots (Whale Wars does a wonderful job of highlighting just how incompetent they really are) and should all do time in a Turkish prison for their actions.

  • Bernard

    Unfortunately, the Japanese have legally killed thousands of whales in recent years under the guise of ‘research’ while it is common knowledge that ‘research’ is simply a cover for commercial whaling.

    • Ben H

      Thousands Bernard? Why not get your facts straight, then you can go have a little rant against the Norwegians too. Time to go read your Harry Potter and dream about Al Gore.

  • C McDowall

    How is it that the international community can sit back and watch this supposed “research” continue! Surely if its research they’re carrying out then they must have some interesting findings to share with the world? No? Oh thats right they’ve eaten the research!

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