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Sailing downwind in big breeze is probably one of the most fun things you can do in sailing, especially on a boat capable of planing.

Doing so however, you risk broaching (capsizing), destroying sails, breaking the mast, colliding with other boats, and hurting your crew.

I’ve been involved in many of the above scenarios, but I’ve never seen this happen…

Want to see how the pros sail downwind?  Watch the boys from Quantum Racing:

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  • Paul Sucia

    Fine bow with no flare and little shear rise=low buoyancy up forward=crazy to put chute up,sailing beyond the vessel’s capability. The wave they dove into wasn’t even that big. 
     I count only two crew, way inadequate for boat and conditions. Should have had  four or five with everyone aft as possible. Note in the Quantum boat everyone (ok much bigger boat and crew) aft as far as possible.

  • Patrick

    This manouevre I believe is known as “pitchpoling”.

  • Possible

    Who doesn’t love the Figaro boats. Double handed or single they’re a beautiful, powerful machine. These guys are some of the most dedicated, resourceful sailors in the world.

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