Captain Stephen Kearney, a 20-year fisherman and another man were off the coast of Ireland when their fishing boat Snowdonia began taking on water.

“We just went up on a wave and the back of the boat went into the water and she just never come back – she just went down that quick,” Stephen told reporters from UTV.

Nearby, the fishing vessel Tribute watched as the boat foundered and quickly sank before their eyes.

Both men are quite lucky to be alive, especially Captain Kearney’s mate who became briefly tangled in the vessel’s lines as it was sinking.  It took about 10 minutes for the Tribute to recover them from the sea and were later airlifted to shore by the Irish coastguard.

The report from U TV

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  • Ilya Smelkov

    It seems that it’s very old vessel.

  • Medzeroual

    We can notice that the liferaft was not activated!and floating nearby.
    This equipment is carried on board to be used for such situation.
    Anyway luky boys to have another fishing boat just nearby!!!

  • Kristensen

    “Went up” what wave?

  • kristy

    in 2nd boat were lithuanians.

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