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Thread: Canadian Towing Vessel Question(s)

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    Default Canadian Towing Vessel Question(s)

    A few days ago, I had a conversation regarding Towing vessels and the subject of Canadian vessels came up. More specifically, the following

    What is usual for a Canadian Towing vessel, i.e. crew quarters, size of crew, who cooks, etc..

    Here is a quick summary of the responses from the American side of things

    - An ATB usually has a 7 man crew (maybe more for international runs 8 or 9).
    - On most, the Deckhands share a room. Usually the Tankerman share too. But that depends upon the company and the particular vessel.
    - Most refurbished ATBs that are converted from a conventional tug have shared rooms. With only the Capt, Chief Mate and Engineer having thier own room. - Most of the new ATBs have seperate rooms for all. But again, that depends upon the company and particular vessel.
    - Most vessels nowaday have either a treadmill or an elipiticle. Crew health and fitness is a HUGE issue.
    - I don't know about Canadian ATBs, but just about all US ATBs the deckhand does the cooking (as well as the deck job for one meal a day. The other two meals are help yourself.

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    The small harbor tugs in New West in BC are two man boats. 12hr shifts from what I have seen. The coastal tugs vary on the west coast most seem to have a capt and mate with 2 deckhands and 1 engineer. On any new build tug the quarters for crew must be built above the waterline as well I believe.

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    Any help from some Great lakers? how about anyone from the "Mcleod/Everlast? No Canadian ATB crew on here?

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    Default Re: Canadian Towing Vessel Question(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cappy208 View Post
    Any help from some Great lakers? how about anyone from the "Mcleod/Everlast? No Canadian ATB crew on here?

    I sure wish our neighbors to the north would post some info about Canadian towing. Seaspan? Atlantic? Where are you?

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