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Thread: Preparing for an Incident

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    Default Preparing for an Incident

    Lots of discussion here on how to avoid incidents but what in spite of your best efforts one occurs? What can you do to protect yourself in case of an incident?

    In my experience one thing you should do is read and understand your top tier documents. If you have a SMS (Safety Management System) don't wait for something to go wrong before you have a look. Don't just use the checklist but read the whole thing and review it from time to time.

    Secondly follow it.What ever the requirements are make sure you're doing it.

    Also - document what you do. For example If you hold a fire drill and demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher make sure it get in the log. If you brief the mates on anti-piracy watch, make sure it gets documented.

    One other thing, you're going to get some whining, the check list for check lists complaint. They are not going to be held responsible, you are. In fact the person first to whine about paperwork will be the first one suing. Make them do it, don't pay attention to the whining.

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