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Thread: tug built using flat plate steel??

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    Default tug built using flat plate steel??

    a while back, I seen an article of a tug built using flat plate w/ no rounded or curved edges to save on construction time and cost. does anyone know what vessel this is? Thanks

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    It is the Ruth M Reinauer, and was built at Senesco in Quonset Point, RI. I think a sister recently was delivered and is named the Reinauer Twins. This "facet type" tug doesn't really look too much different from many of the newer "tower" boats built by other yards but it's look is distinct. Supposedly they have attest ride and are quite comfortable.

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    Default Re: tug built using flat plate steel??

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    That would be the Ruth M, the Laurie Ann and the Reinauer Twins so far. The B. Franklin is being built now and will ( like the Twins) be SOLAS equipped.

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