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  1. Now is a dicey time. With the holidays coming a lot of jobs don't start but with the upcoming tax increases coming it might not be a bad time to do it. What did you do about the Ambien thing?
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    Hey i was wondering ....would i be better off waiting till after the holidays to drive over to Bayou LaFoursch to go job hunting ?
  3. Happy 4th!

    Sorry I have not been in touch but I was kind of going through some stuff when u were there. I am better now but still not 100%.

    Hoiw long have u had the waiver in?

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    Just wanted to tell you to have a Happy and Safe 4th of July. I am still waiting for the waiver to come through....hoping it comes through before i am put under the Hill.
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    Senior, Nothing wrong with Nopotism, At least everyone knows what they are getting. I have meet a few guys whom bleed Chouest colors, and more that hated thier time there. I hear if you get the right boat, the company is one of the best.

    Take care

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    Part three
    After I got out I never really have any contact with the CG except for my lisc. I am not even a member of the CPOA. When I retired I gave away all my uniforms expect for my hat which is still in my box. No hard feelings, just time to move on. On my lisc I have found it to be fairly pain free. But then once I got my 1600 with tow and oceans, I was done, so the only thing after that is renewal. I just did my renewal, 17 days turn around including time in the mail, to me that was not bad.
    When I first got out, I actually managed a fair size marina for 5 years, I have only been working the boats for the last 10 years. Overall it has been pretty good, but then I have always put short hitches and work enviroment as my two high priorites (damn, no spell check, oh well) Overall I guess I have been lucky, the longest I have ever been without work is two months, and in truth I was not reall looking during those two months.
    Take care
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    Part two, (the system only allows 1000 characters per message)
    If you like supply boats, then I have found Aries Marine to be the best oilfield company. Aries has a fair amount of equal time boats. Aries has a excellent reputation for treatment of the boat crews.
    I had some contact with Cheoust when I was with Delta Towing, sorry to say I was not impressed with the attitude I saw from the office toward the crews.
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    Senior, I got out in 1996. I have always trended toward tugs, currently work a offshore salvage tug. I have never worked more then equal time, just one of those rules I have. I have also found that a mates slot normally gets me better options for time off. Currently I am work a 28/28 with my relief taking some of my weeks (he wants the money, and I want the time home)

    The best company I worked for was Moran out of New York, (should never have left there) I had a 21/21 schedule with a three watch boat. The second best is the company I am now with, Resolve Marine Group. Currently we are sitting in Key West on standby for dead ship tows. The best money I made is 8 a day as Captain for the MSRC's responder boats during the BP spill. Overall I have found a chief mate/second capt posn is best, most of the money of Captain without the heart aches.
    part 1
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    Thanks for the info Senior.......I have been hearing the same thing about a CG DWO letter that really makes for a heated discussion.
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