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  1. An event to mark down in your business calendar
  2. Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt heads for Yemen
  3. US Could Eliminate Energy Imports -EIA
  4. U.S. Congressman Garamendi Makes Case for Revitalizing Nation’s Shipbuilding Industry
  5. BP Terminates Gulf Of Mexico Rig Contracts As Low Oil Prices Bite
  6. Man Missing for 66 Days Found Alive Off North Carolina Coast
  7. Costa Concordia Laden With Mob Cocaine
  8. Goldilocks zone for oil prices is gone for good
  9. Seafood Slaves
  10. Lifting crude export ban could add 394,000 jobs...yeah really, it sure can!
  11. One Dies and Three Are Rescued After Tugboat Sinks Near Fire Island
  12. MARAD Predicts More U.S. Flag Fleet Losses
  13. MARAD uses Title XI to finance foreign flagged vessel.
  14. Fleecing of Maritime Academies and Heritage Organizations
  15. Hornbeck scores a coup!
  16. Russia to initiate production of military icebreakers
  17. Breaking News: Keystone XL Pipeline passed ...
  18. obvious news that the drillship boom is over...cancellations loom ahead
  19. back to pillorying that most cretinous of captains
  20. Arctic energy ambitions are becoming more and more unattainable
  21. Video: French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle sails to Gulf
  22. well whatdya know, the new WSF director is making real changes there!
  23. Greek tanker bombed in Libya
  24. Bordelon and Chouest Acquire Bollinger Shipyards.. It's Official
  25. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a oil trader these days?
  26. Canadian Navy Bans Drinking at Sea
  27. Another one!
  28. slip, sliding, away...
  29. and another lovely peepee spanking from the bailiff yesterday...
  30. U.S. producers say "bring it on" in oil price showdown
  31. Harvey Gulf Pay Cuts
  32. looking at 2014's biggest maritime stories in review...which make the top 10?
  33. well this is a big coup for Dakota Creek...
  34. the slide down the slippery slope continues unchecked...where is the bottom?
  35. Seabulk Commences Management of tanker Kodiak from Sea River
  36. now WTF does Czar Pootin plan to get from this nonsense?
  37. even Danes are DIRTY!
  38. a shameless NPR puff piece championing flags of convenience
  39. Bismarck Sea / DBL 106
  40. Buls Eye is EFFING PERFECT!
  41. Truckers of the High Seas
  42. Female captain awarded $3.6M in gender discrimination case
  43. "Canadian Shipping Pipeline” to the U.S Gulf
  44. I thought the US had a crude oil export ban?
  45. I thought this GODDAMNED EMMEFFING thing was cold stacked!
  46. Polar Code
  47. Chevron Pipeline Incident
  48. The House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee hearings on Wednesday
  49. thank the Jones Act for this good news!
  50. six months ago today MH370 disapeared and not a clue yet where the plane is...
  51. so NOW will there be changes in how drilling operations in the GoM are conducted?
  52. Canada...selling out its sovereign flag ships and seamen!
  53. Colton's Maritime Memos?!
  54. Underwater Cavitation Cleaning Technology
  55. Congressman Garamendi Gathers Support to Develop U.S. LNG Shipping Sector
  56. so what does this mean about J Ray?
  57. somebody grew a little too big too fast and owes too much now...
  58. this one is for the 4th of July tomorrow...
  59. BP's Dudley speaks about energy's future
  60. MH370 back in the news...but nothing new
  61. why is Lisa Murkowski so hot for the US to export crude?
  62. the mighty m/v ORCA stands ready to be mobilized...
  63. Tacoma may soon lose an old line shipyard...very sad
  64. another article about the glut of new rigs
  65. at least the Norwegians are taking Czar Vlad's arctic ambitions seriously...
  66. Tony Munoz gets it spot on yet again
  67. effing Christ! Chouest is now in the yacht building business!
  68. my favorite Norwegian billionaire...
  69. can anybody make any sense of this at all?
  70. ah ha! so there is a shipyard at Mare Island now...
  71. nice to have someone make positive comments regarding the Jones Act for a change
  72. corporate America is a filthy place indeed...
  73. How to move up from AB to 3rd Mate Unlimited
  74. this has become a very big issue of late...
  75. just when you thought the newbuilding orders for drillships was at an end...
  76. norfolk navy base / twic
  77. two 10000 ton cranes offshore...I am impressed
  78. must be nice to have a megarich dad!
  79. why don't the genuine American owners of US flagged tuna seiners howl over this BS?
  80. Creditors Seize Ship Tied To Mexican Oil Company Probe
  81. NPR's story on the US shipbuilding boom this morning
  82. lovely...MarAd tries to bring back Title XI but messes it up royally
  83. This is sort of hilarious. Drone container ships coming "soon", short on facts
  84. Transocean Signs with Jurong for 2 Newbuild Drillships
  85. more discussion on the future of Arctic shipping and energy extraction
  86. is any of this supposed to mean anything?
  87. HA HA! Stoopid Iranian PISSANTS!
  88. Vigor set to buy Seward Ship’s Drydock
  89. Foss is Upbeat on the Arctic
  90. expect to be seeing this trend accelerating in the future...NOT GOOD!
  91. this must be a world's record for human endurance to survive
  92. White House Releases Arctic Shipping Plan
  93. Workboat magazine's take on last week's National Maritime Strategy symposium
  94. there really is a God!
  95. OK! We're getting something positive out of this MarAd symposium
  96. What are the economic benefits of an expanded US-Flag?
  97. can you imagine if the USA had a sovereign wealth fund created by our energy riches?
  98. so where is our favorite cartoon character captain?
  99. yet more evidence that the Jones Act is the place to be these days
  100. if only the voices of men like these could be heard in Washington?
  101. laissez-les-bons-temps-rouler
  102. Keppel to try again to build drillships
  103. Second US Ship Registry
  104. another reason why the US needs to build some serious new bigassed icebreakers
  105. Ss united states is being prepared for a new life
  106. Alabama senator Richard Shelby is an a'hole in the pocket of BAE
  107. another European subsea company setting up shop in the GoM
  108. C Retriever
  109. the last MarAd Administrator that was worth a shit speaks about a US Maritime Policy
  110. did you ever want to vent your spleen to MarAd...now's your chance!
  111. Damaged vessel transport in Gulf of Mexico, KEN TIDE & LOUIE TIDE
  112. It ain't never gonna happen lady!
  113. time to start drilling in the Eastern Gulf...
  114. Maritime Executive on The Daily Show
  115. what else would one expect of such a craven cowardly clown of a captain?
  116. Brazil may have massive amounts of offshore oil but...
  117. Fire onboard drilling rig Scarabeo 5 in drydock, Rotterdam under controll
  118. I like this news
  119. Pirate Boats can't hide - A little more
  120. Washington Navy Yard shooting
  121. Costa Concordia Parbuckling Live Feed
  122. what are they thinking? BUTT EFFING HIDEOUS!
  123. EPA fines Shell more than $1 million for pollution violations in Alaska Arctic
  124. Oh, isn't this just dandy!...nobody wants to go back to the Arctic now!
  125. Possible attack on container ship passing through Suez Canal
  126. anyone else following the plight of that shameless Brazilian self promoter?
  127. so the DoT has released a draft Strategic Plan for FY14-18 and guess what?
  128. so me thinks we be headed to action in Syria soon...
  129. Now to build some of these in the USA!
  130. way to Crowley! well done!
  131. Throw the EFFING book at em!
  132. hard to imagine now that J Ray McDermott was once THE Big Dog in GoM construction!
  133. I give two thumbs up to Rep. Duncan Hunter...
  134. Danish tanker "DART" aground south of Floroe Norway. High and dry.
  135. Short another Tallship
  136. Lost crewman
  137. kulluk grounding
  138. my main man! Tony Munoz with another great op/ed on Obama's lack of maritime interest
  139. an excellent op/ed by Denise Krepp in Maritime Executive
  140. shit sticking to another GoM company
  141. Happy National Maritime Day y'all
  142. American Maritime Partnership testifies on Jones Ac before Congressional Subcommittee
  143. KULLUK grounding hearings as reported in the Achorage Daily News
  144. 48 Hours: Murder at Sea?
  145. The strange case of an anti-piracy vessel
  146. no need to worry folks...the new Secretary of Interior toured the GoM!
  147. well this didn't last long
  148. let no one here declare me politically one sided...our President is a maritime idiot!
  149. Help save the SS UNITED STATES
  150. ConocoPhillips Announces A Significant Gulf Of Mexico Discovery
  151. Conoco-Phillips 2014 Strategy
  152. Interior Secretary: 'Shell screwed up'
  153. Shell to open 2 LNG plants in the U.S.
  154. Mark Begich Continues Work to Prepare Alaska for Future of the Arctic
  155. OK, so we throw the shipyards under the bus now
  156. Feds to defund Kingspoint? Interesting reading...
  157. Good Lord...just look at this behemoth!
  158. KULLUK Rig Tow to Dutch Harbor
  159. chuckle, chuckle, snort, guffaw...
  160. HA HA...somebody is getting their balls squeezed in a vice!
  161. America's Maritime Infrastructure, Are we Failing?
  162. The World’s Most Ridiculous Ship Is Up For Sale [UPDATE]
  163. Thank you God!
  164. Noble Drilling's fourth-quarter net flat as costs offset drilling services
  165. Fake Americans?
  166. The US Federal Government nees to start doing this!
  167. US Navy ship runs aground in Philippines
  168. that &%#!@ Ray LaHood appears to be staying as Secretary of Transportation...
  169. the Shitster speaks yet again amd what do you think comes out of his mouth?
  170. KULLUK Damage Status
  171. endorsement crossover
  172. Transocean to Pay More Than $1.4 Billion in Spill Settlement
  173. Jones Act Attack
  174. there is justice afterall!
  175. Deal finalized on Major Gas Discovery offshore Israel.
  176. GOL finally splashes their 300" PSV
  177. Govt moves to allow oil tankers in North East
  178. Port of New York and New Jersey Sets Condition ZULU
  179. let's see if the Argentina government has any balls?
  180. UOS sale questions?
  181. OP-ED: "Sometimes There's Just Not Enough Rocks"
  182. US Captain and Chief Mate Arrested in Japan
  183. all I can say is...MY GOD!
  184. Paul Allen's yacht to salvage HMS Hood's bell
  185. I'm sorry but is Crowley clueless?
  186. Local 333 being hijacked by John Healy and his ILA Cronies
  187. 1000 Footer Paul R. Tregurtha runs aground in the St. Mary's River
  188. Russian Sub Patrols GOM
  189. our favorite clown Captain now a fugitive from justice!
  190. Chemical Tanker Explodes in Malaysia!
  191. Shipping rates on the rivers going up....... Rivers drying up??
  192. SEAiq - S-57 charts on the iPad
  193. Naval Academy '82 Grad Sworn in as Deputy MARAD Administrator
  194. MARAD Swears In New Deputy Administrator
  195. Feds to reroute SF Bay ships to protect whales
  196. nothing like some happy news to start a new day!
  197. McAllister on MSNBC
  198. MARKET TALK: Kirby Says NY Harbor 'Mess' as Chemical Output Falls
  199. We need to never forget the bravery of those who risk their lives for us...
  200. WOW...this could be big! US leaving Diego Garcia?
  201. my favorite bunch of non-mariners...SHIP PILOTS!
  202. here's one thing that the Brazilians won't be taking over in the world...
  203. more encouraging news
  204. EU carries out first airstrikes against Somali pirate targets
  205. Paul Watson of Sea Shepard Arrested for Attempted Murder
  206. Now that's what I'm takin about!
  207. Antarctic Cruise Adventure Goes Awry
  208. Horizon Lines sucking wind!
  209. Japanese ghost ship found off BC coast
  210. How the hell do they do it?
  211. Making a prediction on Brazil
  212. JaxPort to stop operating Mayport Ferry
  213. A big event in the GoM which could bring many future changes
  214. Amendments to 46 CFR 15.111 / Changes in hours of work and rest
  215. Costa Allegra
  216. Houston Ship Channel Closed Due to Fog
  217. Greenpeace Protesters Board Shell Oil-Drilling Ship to Fight for The Arctic
  218. this must be why so many new drillships are coming!
  219. Derecktor Shipyards CT Files for Chapter 11
  220. Vestas signs conditional contract with Northwind NV for offshore wind farm
  221. Six dead after cruise ship runs aground off Italy
  222. gCaptain's top ten stories of the year...there more that should have made this list!
  223. let's take a moment to pray for the family of a fellow mariner
  224. After Takeover of Union Local, a Rebellion in the Tugboat Ranks
  225. DOT's Tiger III Grant Program Recipients
  226. Refinery equipment dumped in water near Ferndale, WA
  227. CG looking at who really owns the boats
  228. SAAM and SMIT Team Up – Joint Venture Likely to Create Leading U.S. Tug Operation
  229. More from Matsuda on Short Sea Shipping
  230. David Matsuda drops a steaming pile in speak at the Workboat Show
  231. Attention all Tankers and Supply Boats in the Gulf of Guinea... ONI ADVISORY
  232. 3 crewmembers on Edison Chouest vessel kidnapped off Nigeria
  233. Singapore Oct Bunker Sales At 3.55M Tons, Down 0.6% Vs Sep
  234. Tony Munoz's Op/Ed "Occupy MARAD!" - Response to U.S.-flag cost report
  235. Charts of the seabed with data from satellite navigation
  236. Owner of pirated vessel Iceberg 1 out of business, leaves crew to rot in Somalia
  237. AARRGGGHHH! Will this never end?
  238. MarAd releases a report on the cost to operate a US flag ship...OMG!
  239. MARKET TALK: Singapore Tanker Traffic in September, 2nd-Lowest In 2011
  240. MARKET TALK: Kuwait Strike Draws Attention From Shippers
  241. Experienced mariners and pilots needed
  242. Liftboat crew
  243. It couldn't have happened to a nicer company
  244. 9 dead after Russian party boat crashes into moored barge
  245. More evidence that all roads lead to Brazil
  246. Doh! More pirate related stuff...
  247. Petrobras commits to 21 newbuild rigs
  248. recovery of Air France flight 447 flight data recorder
  249. Discoverer Americas crosses paths with migrant rafts in Straits of Florida
  250. In Shipbuilding, Buyers Have the Clout Now
  251. Pirates kill 4 americans
  252. Pasha Hawaii to build second car carrier
  253. US Officials Probe Death Of Worker On Apache Platform
  254. Philadelphia shipyard to construct two Jones Act tankers
  255. Exxon-Led Consortium: Oil Spill Response System Ready To Deploy
  256. MARAD Awards Contracts for $77 Million to Crew and Maintain National Defense Reserve
  257. Wärtsilä initiates major project to further develop low-speed gas engines
  258. Somali pirate recieves maximum sentence for role in ‘Maersk Alabama’ hijacking
  259. Did Sea Shepherd harassment put Japanese whaling on hold?
  260. Senators Urge Interior Secretary Salazar to Streamline Offshore Drilling Permit Proce
  261. Royal Navy frees hostages from pirate mother ship
  262. Rolls-Royce wins US $32m contract for Chinese seismic research vessel
  263. Navy announces $141.4 billion budget in FY12
  264. Lloyd’s List – TWIC ‘Identity card is US’ maritime hobgoblin’
  265. Petrobas scores again in Santos Basin
  266. 2012 Budget includes $358.4 million for BOEMRE reorganization and Reform
  267. Maersk places $1.2b jack-up order with Keppel
  268. Bureau Veritas speeds deepwater development with Brazilian university
  269. Obama’s Budget Would Charge Oil and Gas Drillers New Fees
  270. Lawsuit: BP Vice President Resigned Before Spill Over Safety Concerns
  271. The foreign maritime worker issue rears itsgly head yet again!
  272. Navy Bids Farewell To Trailblazing USS Los Angeles
  273. USCG accident report archive
  274. Counter-Piracy and Maritime Crime Announcements and Advisories
  275. BP, Transocean, Halliburton blamed by presidential Gulf oil spill commission
  276. why small cruiseships have no business crossing the Drake Passage
  277. SS UNITED STATES latest sorry assed plan
  278. Russia Is Building Floating Nuclear Reactors Near the North Pole
  279. MERPAC Meeting Canceled: Mariners Left Out In The Cold Again?
  280. Northrop Grumman to Consolidate Gulf Coast Shipyards...
  281. 18th Century Buried Ship Found At WTC Site
  282. USCG allows manning exemption for US Flagged Purse Seiners to expire
  283. MV A Whale, the oil skimming super tanker in LA.
  284. Noble Corporation Enters Into Agreement to Acquire Frontier Drilling and Strengthens
  285. Officials renew their demand to shut down two shipping locks on the Chicago waterway
  286. Get ready for the microscope boys
  287. A history of deficiencies has led US officials to kick out a US-flag vessel
  288. OMSA bringing an old but important issue back to light...
  289. AP: Military on alert as SKorean ship sinks near North
  290. Which website do you read for maritime and shipping news
  291. press release: Monday March 22 2175 New York, New York.
  292. Shipping 2010 Next Week in Stamford, CT - Is anyone going?
  293. VGP Info
  294. Trainer killed in whale attack at SeaWorld Orlando
  295. Navy moves to allow women on submarines
  296. Fake Maritime Academy in India
  297. Cosco Busan update
  298. What are your favorite maritime related e-Newsletters?
  299. Expanding Islands of Trash in Ocean
  300. Hughes Glomar Explorer in the news
  301. Bureau Veritas upgrades its dedicated maritime website, veristar.com
  302. ConocoPhillips Spirit magazine
  303. Electric ferry?
  304. Marine Oil Suppliers Praxis energy opens new office in Hamburg Germany
  305. O&G Industry Finally Has Something to Buzz About in G of M
  306. Hawaii Superferry Blogging Haiti Response
  307. T&t bisso refloats grounded vessel
  308. RINA's new classification society website
  309. Maritime Crew Travel Firm Griffin, Goes Carbon Neutral
  310. MARAD Secretary LaHood Announces U.S. Merchant Marine Mobilizing for Haiti Relief
  311. support ships for Haiti earthquake relief...
  312. North Carolina port closed- explosives scare
  313. Maritime strike may damage economy: ACCI
  314. 7th Annual Ocean Film Festival in SF
  315. Hornbeck Offshore Announces Delivery, Triple Certification of World’s Largest Supply
  316. Bisso marine attains iso 9001:2008 certification
  317. Pirates Seize British Cargo Ship Off Somali Coast
  318. American Cruise Lines to Double Fleet
  319. QM2 Mermaid claim balloons
  320. VTS planned for Lower Mississippi River
  321. Pirates release Greek ship
  322. New Flame wreck removal a success in Gibraltar
  323. MarEx Magazine: North to Alaska: Warming Up to New Realities
  324. Polembros Shipping to Pay $2.7 M for Pollution, Safety Issues
  325. more on Shell's offshore Arctic drilling plans
  326. Alaska senator wants a U.S. deep water sea port in the Arctic
  327. an interesting article about Florida pilots
  328. Tougher rules for towboats ahead, conference warns
  329. Thanks
  330. Pacific Maritime Magazine online edition
  331. Crew blames Capt. Phillips for pirate attack
  332. 178 mph gusts batter Aleutian Coast Guard outpost
  333. Pirates Seize Oil Tanker, U.S.-Bound, Off Somalia
  334. Which website about Maritime and Shipping News do you read each day?
  335. Tampa site of Alaskan shipbuilding project ?
  336. IRS to probe foreign-flag OCS operations
  337. oops..
  338. Hapag-Lloyd Slashes wages
  339. Ship Operator Pleads Guilty for Concealing Pollution from Oil Tanker
  340. Late night collision spills oil in Gulf - Oct 21st
  341. Still no director for U.S. Maritime Administration ???
  342. U.S. Marshal auctions off Hannah Marine fleet
  343. NASSCO wants to sell
  344. Cargo Ships Navigate the Northeast Passage
  345. Tidewater to Purchase a Multi-Purpose ROV and Construction Vessel
  346. Interagency Arctic Awareness - USCG's Upcoming Trip
  347. M/V Theotokos Crewmember Pleads Guilty to Pollution Charges
  348. Crowley to Manage Five U.S.-Flag Tankers for American Petroleum Tankers
  349. Master in heat over Norovirus outbreak on Cruise Ship
  350. Chouest scores new icebreaker contract
  351. the end of a long line of ships
  352. Michelle Obama sponsors future Coast Guard cutter
  353. Chloé Candies reaches 500,000 hrs w/o incident
  354. John Cota sentenced to 10 mo.
  355. US Ferry System Recieves $60 in Stimulus
  356. Prosecutors seek 10 mo. for John Cota
  357. Senate: All US Flagged ships to be built in America
  358. Tidewater barge aground at mouth of Hood River
  359. STCW Training - Standby for more "required" courses.
  360. BENDER Shipbuilding & Repair of Alabama is under Chapter 11
  361. Staten Island Ferry crash injures 10
  362. IMO agrees on mandatory ECDIS
  363. Matson union goes on strike
  364. “Seabasing”
  365. Yet ANOTHER reason not to carry cargo that speaks.
  366. GOOD ARTICLE ..."Skysails"
  367. OSV Market Outlook....bummer
  368. Yet another reason not to carry cargo that speaks.
  369. Bollinger to operate its own boats
  370. Oil tanker strikes whale in valdez harbor
  371. Senate panel approves drilling off Florida
  372. Somali pirates release tugboat held 10 months
  373. GM is Sunk. Just Ask the Merchant Marine
  374. More Maersk Alabama fun...
  375. Arctic may hold twice the oil previously found there
  376. Two ferry workers sue, say work ruined their hearing
  377. Nuclear Fuel Ship Protests
  378. US and RoK navies capture pirate mothership
  379. Pirates shoot at, chase MSC ship
  380. this bit of news should be the touchstone to a vively discussion
  381. General recommends arming mariners
  382. Alabama Narrative part 1
  383. Maritime schools to teach piracy defense?
  384. French battle pirates
  385. Current News
  386. Navy vessel sinks Somali pirate ship
  387. Wreck of first US ship sunk in WWII revealed
  388. MarEx March / April PRINT Edition is out.
  389. Weekly Maritime News Quiz!
  390. Maersk Reflags Ships UK -> US
  391. MARAD Posts Economic Recovery Details
  392. Lautenberg introduces bill to eliminate tax on coastal shipping
  393. Hawaii court forces Superferry to cease operations
  394. The Maritime News Quiz
  395. M/V Pacific Adventurer - Disaster Declared After Oil Spill
  396. more news that things offshore are slowing down
  397. this is so sweeet!
  398. what a difference a year makes
  399. Blue Star Fetilizer Ship Released By Pirates
  400. Balmoral - Cruise ship in "pirate scare"
  401. NCL quits Hawaii-last of the large US cruiseships
  402. Bourbon needs thousand of seafarers
  403. Nuclear Ship Savannah; Notice of Public Meeting
  404. Pirates strike again
  405. norwegian cadets
  406. Former MARAD Chief, Sean Connaughton, To Become ABS Lobbyist
  407. US Flag Great Lakes Shipping Down 3%
  408. more nonsense from Professional Mariner's Maritime Career pare
  409. Out-of-work megayacht captains switching to commercial vessels...JUST GREAT!...
  410. Congress Holds Hearing On International Piracy
  411. M/V Faina Freed By Pirates
  412. What recession?
  413. W t f ?
  414. Wtf?
  415. Fewer Deep Sea positions?
  416. Navy Buys Three Maritime Positioning Ships
  417. NVIC 04-08 - Results of a USCG Medical Incident Investigation - Andy Hammond
  418. TSAC: it’s time for mariners to take the wheel.
  419. Latest Sidelights Magazine - Free Download
  420. Aviation Threat Level Orange
  421. Gulf crewboat runs aground on submerged jetty, takes on water
  422. Hot Topic: Technology and Training
  423. Cosco Busan Incident Review Report
  424. Whistleblower: Oil watchdog agency 'cult of corruption'
  425. Flashing Light Is Officially Dead.... well kind of
  426. Counterfeit EEBDs
  427. Mel Oliver Accident ..or New Tug Rules
  429. The Answer To My Prayers - Online STCW Classes Approved By USCG
  430. increasing evidence of maritime manpower shortages emerging
  431. Asphalt Commander Scrapped
  432. Iowa..barge loaded with coal broke loose hit span.
  433. U.S.-contracted ship fires toward boats in Gulf
  434. LNG Commercial Cruise
  435. New Podcast
  436. CAMM now accepting Tug Boat Captains