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  1. Job prospects?
  2. Where to go for work?
  3. Joining a union?
  4. Ordinary seaman cant find work in NY.
  5. Any work for ordinary seaman?
  6. Cook-Specific Questions
  7. Internship
  8. Job Shopping.
  9. Help! MSC new application questions!
  10. siu pay
  11. msc applicants let's talk what's going on?
  12. SUNY's Empire State Summer Jobs
  13. Pilot Opening District 2 Great Lakes
  14. Info for Employment w/ACL Deckhand Mainline Vessels
  15. collecting resumes for MSC charter contract
  16. Maritmejobs.com Is it a Good Place?
  17. Port Fourchon (Dead or Alive)
  18. Seasonal vs offshore
  19. Need sea time
  20. How do I get a foot in the door?
  21. Kirby employment process????
  22. Jamestown-Scotland Ferry needs a Ch. Eng.
  23. a couple of jobs available here in the NW
  24. compass marine/global marine?
  25. AB Special jobs?
  26. What is your advice?
  27. Looking for work outside of Crowley ATBs
  28. Which path to take?
  29. AB hirings on OSVs
  30. Great Lakes Pilot Openings
  31. Are low gas prices really affecting offshore jobs?
  32. Career change to tugboats
  33. Seafarers International Union
  34. Polar Tankers Jobs
  35. wanting to upgrade license
  36. near coastal upgrade
  37. military vet looking to break into the maritime industry
  38. Color Vision Testing With Companies
  39. Getting into the Marine scene
  40. Color Vision Testing With Companies
  41. Anyone know Kirby offshore pacific division AB pay and schedule
  42. Advice about the industry and getting started.
  43. Got my AB and captains license! Tired of seasonal work for little pay. What next?
  44. Western Towboat
  45. Companies hiring short term OS?
  46. A job
  47. Best 14 /14 jobs for a third mate in the GOM
  48. Bouchard Transportation ATBs
  49. Casting for TV show NEED SALTY DOG OLDER MEN
  50. Dreams vs Reality- Harbor-tug boat work question
  51. Good bad and ugly of Weeks Marine
  52. Military Sealift Command
  53. Switching to Vane Brothers
  54. Getting started in the industry
  55. Advice on entering via New Zealand
  56. Maritime Staffing Agencies that Pay for Travel?
  57. vessel delivery
  58. MMC revoked indefinitely. Do I have any options?
  59. No job opportunity for Ultra Deep Drilling experienced DPO
  60. Looking for any advice
  61. How to lose $72,000 in one day or the state of the oil market as seen by an amatuer.
  62. Cadet Internship Possibilities
  63. 200 ton seacor captains
  64. Hello fellow seamen, could I please ask for someone to check my CV, thanks!
  65. TV show deckhand
  66. planning on knocking doors in louisiana, save your money for later!!!
  67. ISO Steersman/Tankerman position
  68. Harley Job Postings
  69. Looking for a job as a deckie
  70. Looking to get my mates liscence, and would like to work with a smaller company.
  71. help for a list of offshore companies in texas
  72. whats the scuttlebutt on jobs out in the gulf?
  73. Utility boat companies
  74. r/v JOHN McDONNELL delivery positions available
  75. Finally taking the plunge, headed down to LA (another FNG)
  76. Vroon Offshore UK LTD
  77. Do companies do in-house medicals after hiring?
  78. Compass Marine, Seaport Marine and Boatcrews LA Company Info
  79. stcw training for green os?
  80. Work in Mexico
  81. Feasibility of crossing over to tugs?
  82. Chevron AB wage?
  83. What about c&e boat rentals
  84. Interesting article: Maritime industry finds military veterans a good fit
  85. Seadrill interview
  86. Mississippi River Towboat jobs/companies
  87. LOOP Loader
  88. are they no pacific tugboat companies
  89. Moran towing
  90. Looking for towing endorsed NC mate, Western AK
  91. Average salary for EU deck officers?
  92. Knocking on doors in Texas?
  93. AB who's worked on a research vessel?
  94. AB
  95. Research Vessel Master at a community college
  96. New deckhand options. AB or 100t license
  97. steady but quarter-year ab job advice needed
  98. Has anyone had luck with Polar Tankers?
  99. even time rotation
  100. advice!!
  101. Looking to start new career...
  102. Looking in Alabama...
  103. Door-knocking in LA - Job Hunt Report
  104. How about these job requirements?
  105. Seacor physicals?
  106. martime employment companys
  107. New HGMI rules
  108. Do cruise lines hire Ordinary Seamen?
  109. Chevron hiring OSs?
  110. Cenac Marine Services
  111. Cenac Marine Service
  112. Crowley ATB question.
  113. Offshore Cook's salaries and companies to apply to
  114. Kirby pay scale for ab's
  115. Now Hiring
  116. harley companies
  117. What OSV Companies offer equal time Roatations?
  118. Tugboat Mate - West Coast - Seafood Company
  119. Edison Chouest Offshore
  120. Trying to get rolling
  121. Any Available Day or Trip Work? (Texas)
  122. Hotel Motel B&B's on the Bayou
  123. Your MMC and TSA
  124. Interlake steamship company
  125. Amenities on board
  126. Part-time wheelhouse openings
  127. Cpt from the saga on deadliest catch
  128. Swedish OOW with DP Basic?
  129. valid drivers license and job applications ?????
  130. British CEC
  131. Cook?
  132. Captain licensed in Singapore
  133. Felon wants a job
  134. Entry Level Maritime Job Wanted
  135. The career outlook for 2014 thus far
  136. 100 ton Mom & Pops + other job
  137. Oil patch engineer jobs
  138. Another Military Sealift Command thread...
  139. At What Age Did You Start Your Seagoing Career?
  140. Is it worth it for me
  141. looking to move offshore
  142. How would one Gain maritime employment with as little schooling as possible
  143. sea-time toward A/B ticket
  144. MMC and STCW
  145. 1 A/E Motor
  146. maritime security awareness
  147. Work overseas
  148. waiting for my mmc
  149. union question
  150. silver dollar city deckhands
  151. Moran offshore division
  152. How do i get started?
  153. Looks like a good job for a young person
  154. Master of Towing
  155. Any Bouchard employees out there?
  156. newbie getting ready for school any Information about becoming a seamen and employmen
  157. Maritime Employment Background Checks
  158. Drillship work
  159. SIU Questions
  160. Mate of Towing
  161. Pre-employment physical
  162. Tankerman (PIC) going rates
  163. Maritime Photojournalist
  164. Work for 100 ton
  165. NY Harbor Help Wanted
  166. In search of work
  167. Safety Managment Systems
  168. Crowley's San Juan run
  169. STCW courses for a green aspiring mariner
  170. Completely new, looking for information for OS with ESO
  171. First trip to South Louisiana.
  172. Whats the deal with the new security training?
  173. Question for Tugboat workers / deckhands !!
  174. Gulf employment for newbies
  175. Working in Singapore?
  176. What doors should I be knocking on?
  177. Adriatic Marine
  178. Chief Engineer position on Alaska pollok Factory trawler
  179. Advice on what area of the industry I should be looking at?
  180. Harbor Pilot Career Project
  181. Following up on applications
  182. Could use some advice on OSV jobs
  183. A few questions about offshore supply vessel jobs
  184. Reinauer?
  185. First post, could use a little advice
  186. Steam Engineers
  187. Looking for steam guys
  188. Fisherman Jobs
  189. Seeking employment advice (soon to be 3A/E)
  190. Fisherman Jobs
  191. Truth in Recruiting
  192. Possibly something for someone looking to come ashore ....
  193. MSC jobs
  194. green o.s with some questions
  195. Port Captain- Chemical Tanker experience
  196. Deck officer equal time hitches list
  197. Cross Group needs DPOs
  198. Where should Australian Deck Cadets apply?
  199. Advice on the next step of searching for employement.
  200. Chances of finding work while living outside of US?
  201. I want to work on a deep sea vess, but I'm totally clueless and don't know my chances
  202. Starting Over
  203. Value of pounding pavement to get in with a OSV company
  204. Maine Maritime graduate vessel operations and technology 1600 ton
  205. Headed to the GOM!
  206. been
  207. SF Bar Pilots hiring 10 pilot appretices this year
  208. Finding a job
  209. Hornbeck Apprentice Training Program
  210. Offshore company
  211. Offshore Safety Officer to 2nd Mate
  212. Any insight on ENG1 or STCW95 and having bi polar disorder
  213. avilable qmed oiler jobs??
  214. Qmed oiler
  215. Trying to get my foot in the door
  216. Brasil Maritime Work
  217. Looking for Florida boat job?
  218. Looking to tank on a sea-going
  219. USCG MMC Medical - Severe Depression
  220. tug to drillship
  221. Gcaptain jobs ?
  222. What kind of Safety Certifications should I pursue to Help Build OS Resume.
  223. OS Mainer down in the gulf area looking for work!!
  224. USN-CIVILIAN question
  225. info on cooking on ships
  226. 100 ton work boater looking to move north and east
  227. Mcdermott?
  228. Any Info on Hopper Dredge jobs??
  229. San Francisco Bar Pilots wil soon be looking for pilot trainee applicants.
  230. Crowley?
  231. Line Haul training
  232. Looking for Maritime Safety & Environmental Position
  233. Central Boat Rentals Berwick La
  234. go west, then north?
  235. How often do mariners leave drilling?
  236. AB interview
  237. otto candies
  238. Employment agencies
  239. Mate of Towing
  240. Jobs at Stevens Towing Company
  241. Working in Africa? Pay?
  242. Freedom Marine
  243. 3rd mate / 2nd mate looking for a job.
  244. company's
  245. pre employment blood test
  246. Advice for a youngin lookin for gulf work??
  247. GIS Marine physical
  248. 3rd mate job on a container ship
  249. Entry Level Job
  250. Bouchard Transportation
  251. IBU union
  252. Harley and Kirby Offshore NYC
  253. Ship Board Jobs for Minors?
  254. Deckhand Positions Baltimore to NYC?
  255. GOM Experience
  256. Oceaneering
  257. msc cruises
  258. Resume
  259. Third Engineer Steam and Motor unlimited jobs
  260. Experience dealing with recruiters etc
  261. Young determined worker would like to extend his career.
  262. Fill in Captain
  263. time to apply
  264. Tug work in Wilmington/Morehead City NC
  265. sea sirvice venture?
  266. Considering moving to the caribbean
  267. Jambon Marine
  268. New orleans
  269. Seattle area entry level jobs?
  270. New mariner but long time sailor.
  271. Maritime Jobs for your future carrier
  272. MSC Questions
  273. galley hand work
  274. Swift World Wide Resources
  275. Trident
  276. C&G another crappy company to work for
  277. Do you need RFPNW to get AB job in GoM?
  278. Interview Advice!
  279. DDE 4000hp 3000ITC OSV
  280. GOL
  281. Starting A Career Offshore
  282. From Alaska to the GOM
  283. Any one have any information on Marquette? Good / Bad to work for?
  284. Roustabout Jobs
  285. Ex USCG/USN 500/1600Master
  286. employment opportunities in the gulf
  287. Crescent Ship Service-Mississippi River
  288. Look for job
  289. SIU
  290. What's up at Harvey?
  291. Part time engineer work in Pacific NW?
  292. Need help please
  293. Need advice for fall/winter only work
  294. Apperently I went to far in calling out a Headhunter the other day.
  295. Magnetic Compass Adjuster
  296. mcr info
  297. MSC Pre-Employment Medical Question
  298. Moran Philly
  299. Any other Ordinary Seaman having trouble finding work?
  300. Engineer pay. A, B, C???
  301. 2nd time in louisiana looking for os job
  302. os job search
  303. Should I go to the MIlitary Sealift Command employment fair? Help!!
  304. OSI Maritime Systems is hiring an Engineering Project Manager in Burnaby, BC, CANADA
  305. Crew ship jobs?
  306. Hottest spot for hiring?
  307. Q-Med Pay
  308. Reinaur huge sign Hiring Tug Mates NY /KVK
  309. Welders???
  310. What is work on a derrick barge like?
  311. I'm looking for captain (Greek or Croat)
  312. how to get started in the maritime industry
  313. Employment hunting, any help appreciated.
  314. It's really a shame .....
  315. freedom marine
  316. Kevin Gros
  317. HOS Payscale???
  318. Deckhand Position
  319. almost here
  320. about to apply for jobs
  321. Technip. Opinions? Information?
  322. Want to go into the Military Sealift Command after high school
  323. Shoreside Transition
  324. Another questions about working on a drill ship
  325. Ice Management Lead, will provide Shell Alaska, technical and operational advice.
  326. Hiring freeze?
  327. Louisiana: Door Knocking...Any Leads?
  328. anyone have any leads
  329. International Tankerman
  330. Additional GOM certs/cards/endorsements prior to applying??
  331. Experienced Captains & Deckhands Needed
  332. Experienced Captains & Deckhands Needed in Houma
  333. Appretice Mate/Steersman of Towing
  334. Kirby NYC Hiring Deckhands
  335. Info about working at diamond offshore
  336. Captain Ron's Resume Writing
  337. what's the process to acquire the 100 ton master license?
  338. looking to return to maritime employment questions for experts
  339. Metson, CISPRI and working in Alaska
  340. Engineer Wanted
  341. Logistics Manager
  342. info about working on a drill ship
  343. 100-200T Mate with MOT
  344. STCW training near Houma
  345. young brothers
  346. Washington State Ferries AB jobs?
  347. looking for two AB's
  348. First Mate Job Posting for R/V Oceanus - Oregon State University
  349. Help me please?!
  350. what do the good companies want
  351. Smaller Columbia/Willamette River Companies
  352. HOS Apprentice Training Program or Military Sealift Command Wiper Advancement Program
  353. Drilling company camparison for DPO
  354. Deckhand on tugboat
  355. Seeking DP Job
  356. physical requirements
  357. Info on seabulk harbor tug
  358. Interview attire
  359. Hiring Captains for Lugger Tugs
  360. Interview attire
  361. Employment for new graduate
  362. Hornbeck Tugs
  363. Tidewater?
  364. The Agony and the Ecstasy of Employment.
  365. employment
  366. canadian looking for work
  367. Jobs around Myrtle Beach, SC / Wilmington, NC?
  368. 100 ton crew boat captain needed asap
  369. STCW codes...who knows the numbers !!??
  370. Veolia marine
  371. Gulfmarks' Finest
  372. company rates
  373. Why does working on cruise ships have a bad rep
  374. advice on relocating south
  375. Jobs through siu
  376. MSC has posted vacancies for OS and SU
  377. Alaska Marine Highway
  378. Looking to break into the cooking/stewards department
  379. Crowley Rotations / Pay
  380. Dental Certificates ?
  381. Looking for os position
  382. My louisiana visit
  383. Ukpeagvik Inupiat Information
  384. Louisiana visit
  385. Pre-employment limbo
  386. Crowley Valdez
  387. Question on job hunting??
  388. Mariner rights, and re-employment assistance
  389. Working on a Liftboat
  390. Knocking On Doors: Houston
  391. Seacor travel pay
  392. P&j services-lafayette,la
  393. drug test and physical
  394. drug test and physical
  395. Pre-employment screening
  396. Onboard medical staff requirement request
  397. Drug test question !!!
  398. Deckhand Positions
  399. Pierhead Jump --
  400. Environmental Officer as a Second Career
  401. Flagship Mgmt Has Jobs
  402. mmd question
  403. "Total" Compensation
  404. new to the merchant seaman ind
  405. day for day schedule
  406. Kirby Offshore Pacific?
  407. So this MarAd C/E and I were talking, and I told him I was going back to sea, and he
  408. Late career changer
  409. Gulf Resource Managment
  410. Dynamic Positioning Job Qualifications
  411. Wage confusion
  412. AB Unlimited with Tanker Endorsement
  413. Bordelon Marine
  414. Abdon callais or odyssea
  415. Crowley??
  416. OS jobs online/over the phone
  417. Adriatic.
  418. Losing AB license due to sleep disorder
  419. seeking information
  420. Optimism for 2013?
  421. Info needed
  422. Another cherry
  423. the importance of nationality in employement
  424. NOAA jobs
  425. Why are there never any jobs in the deck department posted for NCL and MSC?
  426. Knocking on doors in louisiana OS
  427. A company to apply for a starting Mate posn on a DP boat
  428. What does 'standby' imply?
  429. Making the jump from deep sea...
  430. Eco san diego ca
  431. R/V Sikulliaq Chief Mate/ Relief Master
  432. ECO or Bust!
  433. NY Harbor List of Employers/Numbers
  434. Foot in the door at ECO...?
  435. Getting my foot in the door?
  436. JOBS From RIGZONE
  437. Rigzone -- Tug Master
  438. GOM Vision Standards
  439. Third Mate Jobs on Cruise Ships....
  440. Qmed qualifications??
  441. Military Veteran's
  442. Gulfmark
  443. New to site, Interested in Maritime Job
  444. Can someone shed some Light my way?
  445. Hornbeck
  446. couple questions
  447. Recruiters
  448. I need a job
  449. Advice/opinions about Tidewater (the one in WA, not the Gulf/offshore company)
  450. What is it like on a NOAA ship
  451. knocking for a QMED job
  452. anybody else notice the CIA recruiting on RigZone?
  453. motorman time on a rig count towards a licence?
  454. Am I too old to start a maritime career?
  455. temp 1st officer/DPO position in the SWORDFISH available
  456. AB
  457. Excellent Louisiana Cook looking for an onboard assignment
  458. SeaDrill
  459. this just came to me in case anyone is interested in unlimited tonnage time
  460. starting pay for mates in the gom!
  461. Asking for ideas
  462. Ishihara and working on OSVs and Crew boats
  463. a good shot to enter management here
  464. Advice needed
  465. Anyone have info on R&R Boats (crew boats)
  466. Where do I get my extremely basic questions answered?
  467. QMED position open Honolulu, Hawaii
  468. Working with aco
  469. Experienced deckineer needed
  470. Entry level osv pay?
  471. Help me out please OS
  472. Leaving AMO
  473. Oceanwide Experiences?
  474. Seamen filing unemploment
  475. Im in morgan city la. Looking for apprincemate jobs on tugboat
  476. Anyone know of any companies that hire part time?
  477. McDermott question
  478. 2 Deckineers needed
  479. getting bored as a third mate
  480. Louisiana Job Seaarch notes
  481. HORNBECK Apprentice Training Program "ATP" 2013
  482. Louisiana Job hunt trip results
  483. Early November GOM job hunt
  484. Looking for my first job in the field.. Former Military
  485. An early November hunting trip through the bayous
  486. International Work Boat Show - New Orleans Dec 5-7
  487. whos hireing in sf bay area?
  488. Bankruptcy question
  489. 100 ton captain pay
  490. MMC Card
  491. Ship Services Los Angeles?
  492. paid by the hour?
  493. Starting out
  494. hey new guys to the the marine industry!
  495. Hornbeck Vessel group manager
  496. e.n. bisso??? anyone know anything?
  497. New Mariner Seeking Employment and Advice
  498. eurka, ca?
  499. Career Transition
  500. A Few Rating Questions