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  1. Coast Guard Analysis Says U.S. Needs 3 Heavy and 3 Medium Icebreakers
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  17. Uscg taney (wpg-37)
  18. NTSB: Coast Guard’s Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing Standards Are Too Lax
  19. The Pointy Hat Boss
  20. Reserves
  21. old "sea time" question, Strait of San Juan De Fuca
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  23. CG Security Breach, WOW - Bookmark This For Your Next ISPS Inspection
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  31. Physical aspect of the Coast Guard?
  32. Oct/Nov ed. - Delivering the Goods: News from the Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate
  33. National Ocean Policy Congressional Hearing
  34. Rear Adm. Brice-O'Hara testifies on USCG SAR
  35. USCG Diversity Initiative
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  38. Maritime agencies to collaborate on policies to streamline government
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  42. Investigation continues into death of Cutter Tahoma commanding officer
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