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  1. Vane
  2. 500/1600 Ton Mate Programs
  3. Cancellation of benefits
  4. OCIMF Environmental Forces Calculator
  5. Coffee in the CFR's
  6. Revalidating DP certificate
  7. Signet Maritime
  8. Are there unions other than SIU?
  9. Changing Industry
  10. Radar troubleshooting - X and S don't agree, which is right?
  11. Anybody renewed license lately?
  12. Succession
  13. Marine Spill Response Corporation
  14. Masters
  15. Opinions on Chesapeake Maritime Institute?
  16. Definition of machinery spaces
  17. HELP! information about ENC PORT!
  18. Would repealing The Jones Act affect MSC?
  19. DP Conundrum,
  20. Federal "right to work" law
  21. Compulsory Pilotage
  22. Assistance Towing Vessel Regulations
  23. AMPA, They really want you to sign up!
  24. Saudi Arabia & OPEC
  25. Who's Hiring
  26. AMO inland
  27. Maritime Unions, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  28. Cathodic Protection Design - www.thenavalarch.com
  29. USACE STURGIS First US Nuclear Powered Vessel
  30. Removal of Medical Waivers on MMC
  31. Iran takes ship
  32. Were Seamanship Really Better Back in the Day?
  33. Captains or Other Crew that you Would Not Sail With
  34. Core Group Resources in Houston
  35. Man Overboard Drills
  36. Status of Horizon Lines breakup
  37. Sea Lion Refloated & Working
  38. Seamanship and Cognitive Biases
  39. New License Wording
  40. Is it illegal to support unions?
  41. Sense Of Entitlement
  42. Furuno ECDIS change depths from meters to feet
  43. Aiviq
  44. Rep. Lisa Murkowski Pushes U.S. Crude Exports...Again
  45. New samsung heavy 21,000 TEU ship
  46. Feedback on Heave Compensated Gangways
  47. Chief Mate Exam Chart Plot
  48. Mooring Forces Calculator (Port/Stbd on Quay) - www.thenavalarch.com
  49. Question about training certificates
  50. I'm New.. HELP!
  51. i have a question about siu
  52. Question for the DP Drill Rig People
  53. Question on hazardous or noxious substance classification
  54. How come nobody's complaining about the fact that this thing drives itself?
  55. American AB Tankerman Pay Rates
  56. IT Jobs on Ships/Off-Shore
  57. GoM companies - Does your company provide transportation to/from the vessel?
  58. Officers stabbed to death, engineer wounded. Crewman missing.
  59. senate holding hearings on B1-2 visas
  60. Foss Maritime
  61. How many hours are you working onboard? Final Push for Data!
  62. Does anyone know of rides from MSY airport to Fourchon?
  63. Adding a propulsion mode to Third Assistant Engineer
  64. APRIL USCG Courses at MIT in Panama City, FL
  65. US citizen with foreing STCW 3 II, carrer options in the US?
  66. Passengers vs. company employees and the need for licensed operators?
  67. Never ending mountain of paperwork
  68. First Assistant Engineer upgrade
  69. approval to test letter
  70. Laid off looking for work! Don't know where to start!
  71. Seacor Layoffs ?
  72. Chouest Pay Cut 10%
  73. PMP prfoessional project management for Mariners
  74. classes classes classes
  75. Hornbecks new flotel rolls into town
  76. How many hours are you actually working onboard?
  77. How many oil patch mariners are sitting at home, waiting for a call ?
  78. Question for Mr Cavo.
  79. Openings for Masters of Towing Vessels at Tappan Zee Bridge
  80. Ship runs aground near Philly
  81. 1600T NC to 3rd mates NC
  82. Big news about c.captain's favorite person - Capt Ken Force!
  83. BSc-Project Short Survey: Safe navigation within Vessel Traffic Service areas
  84. Japanese Tug Capsizes, 3 Missing
  85. Great Lakes Pilotage
  86. RFPNW and OICNW Questions
  87. Dad Needs to Advise Son: Coast Guard Enlisted or Piney Point?
  88. Deck Advancements
  89. Should recreational boaters be required to be licensed?
  90. A/B MODU upgrade
  91. Derelict Barge drifted from the Canadian Arctic to Russian Coast
  92. Why is Harley Marine Gulf Division always looking for help?.........................
  93. Working in NE Florida
  94. Able Seaman question?
  95. Work in the GOM
  96. Life in the GOM in Bad times.
  97. Looking for information
  98. Marquette transportation
  99. Prospective Mariner Looking for Honest Advice
  100. Tell me about your job o/b Vessels operating for Wind Farms
  101. Stability Problem Solutions
  102. STCW BST under 200 tons any good?
  103. Need some advice from the pros.
  104. Would you recommend this career to your children?
  105. McCain Proposal
  106. USCG not issuing new STCW endorsements?
  107. Tugboat Mate wage
  108. How do you see Navigational Risk?
  109. Weather site for Mariners L-36.com
  110. Port Fourchon Releases Master Growth Plan!
  111. Here's a creepy and unrealistic future bridge control video from Rolls-Royce!
  112. Unrealistic goals?
  113. Realistic Goals?
  114. Realistic goals?
  115. Seaman Overtime Exemption
  116. Rumor
  117. New job questiont
  118. Will 12 passengers be allowed for small passenger vessels ? (2014 law)
  119. New Mariner
  120. American Petroleum seeks tankermen applicants
  121. Renewing Without Sea Time?
  122. Renewing Without Sea Time?
  123. Sailing Around the World in Retirement
  124. USS Ronald Reagan Catches Fire
  125. Advice
  126. Is Laborde Marine going under?
  127. NI website Recertification Problems
  128. Reinauer and Moran towing
  129. tampa area uscg physical?
  130. Alarms
  131. Survey for all Navigators and VTS operators to help with Dissertation-Safe Navigation
  132. Nmc application status - error problem retrieving application
  133. Maritime job Market
  134. AB upgrade question
  135. Canal Barge company
  136. Unlimited tonnage Inland license
  137. 1600t Mate Near Coastal with AB/cook seatime question
  138. Yet another RFPNW question
  139. Shell shutting down all but 6 rigs?
  140. Jackson Offshore
  141. Head On Risk of Collision Threshold
  142. siu pay
  143. 1600 Ton inland ?
  144. Great Lakes / AMO
  145. Econ ships and lower oil prices
  146. Opinions on binoculars?
  147. Workboat academy out of high school?
  148. God I hope Msc hires me!
  149. Vigor acquires Kvichak
  150. Wicked Tuna
  151. Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil & Compliance with MARPOL
  152. MMP & Uniformed Service
  153. More Than Shipping Cartoons
  154. Costa Concordia on Dateline NBC
  155. What is the predominant routing of car shipments exported fro the U.S?
  156. The economic benifits of marine transportation
  157. Entry level
  158. RFPNW Vs. Captain License
  159. No DHS funds means I can't test next week?
  160. tug ab questions
  161. Could safe navigation be enhanced in Vessel Traffic Service areas
  162. Chouest gives Employees the SHAFT!
  163. Help for mariners with Color Vision problems
  164. 30 inch USCG/SOLAS Ring buoy
  165. MMC Medical Card
  166. Sea Time question
  167. One more STCW question
  168. Taboo?
  169. Unlimited engineering license renewal clarification
  170. Jones Act-Health Insurance-Tax Returns
  171. SSB enthuciastics ?
  172. Capt. Thomas W. Nichols Retired
  173. Bone to Pick with the NMC!!!
  174. Narrow Channel Situations
  175. Unusual Situation in NC
  176. UKHO e-Navigator for ECDIS
  177. Late career change to professional mariner. What are my prospects?
  178. Renewing a tankerman endorsement off an OSV
  179. Research
  180. Risk in Modern Maritime Navigation
  181. Costa Concordia: the truth is rarely pure and never simple
  182. Jones act/Mcain/senator response
  183. West Coast Port Strike Ends
  184. Seatran Marine pay cuts and layoffs.
  185. Master's derees
  186. 1600 to tow master
  187. Financial Banking/Planning for the Mariner
  188. New STCW Leadership Training Requirements
  189. Driving Record and MMC
  190. American Professional Mariners Association...
  191. Jones Act - Time for a Change?
  192. obtaining a merchant mariners credential (mmc)
  193. Working on Factory Trawlers
  194. ship charter for charity ball in UK
  195. what time is it?
  196. Harvey de-hires 30 personnel
  197. Breaking: Costa Concordia verdict and sentencing in
  198. Hanjin Shipping officially leaves Port of Portland
  199. Advancing in marine engineering
  200. Missing STCW 95 on 100 ton Captain Renewal
  201. 3/M Debating where to go, AMO MSC Contract Vessels Or MM&P MSC Contract Vessels
  202. Mariner's Situational Awareness with use of ECDIS integrated system
  203. Newcomer
  204. Lim Tide Accident
  205. SOLAS Muster List
  206. Nautical Institute - Tips, tricks or recourse?
  207. fake seatime
  208. MSC app? And more
  209. Newbie MSC Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program
  210. advanced fire fighting??
  211. Ship Handling Skills
  212. Pieter Schelte is... Nazi War Criminal?
  213. Could safe navigation be enhanced in Vessel Traffic Service areas
  214. Re: sea time--how is engine room defined by the C.G.?
  215. anybody here work for WHOI, HYLINE, or Steamship Authority?
  216. Marquette Transportation Up For Sale
  217. electronic navigation upgrade recommendations
  218. Collision avoidance for sailing robot
  219. Sea Shepherd to buy new Damen FCS as their mothership
  220. Veterans Benefits
  221. MSC Pre-Positioning ship runs aground
  222. Cg 719
  223. 100 ton license and diagnosis of bipolar
  224. USCG OUPV Licence Question. Physical and Drug Test
  225. 1600 ton near coastal
  226. More Rigs Stacked
  227. Platform Fire Near Fourchon?
  228. Considering taking your ship into the North American ECA? Read this first:
  229. Anyone ever worked in Nigeria and/or for Addax Petroleum?
  230. Short Documentary - Looking for Mariners in long distance relationships
  231. Stability Help Please!!!
  232. Per Jones Act - US indirect subsidies to foreign carriers
  233. MODU Uncle John Fire
  234. Stop McCain from repealing the Jones Act.
  235. Approved examiners for renewal physicals
  236. MSC sponsored schooling
  237. Message to Congress - U.S. Crude Oil Exports
  238. Build a Refinery and You May Answer the Jones Act Question
  239. EPA Publishes Penalty Policy for U.S. ECA Fuel Sulphur Violations
  240. How do you edit a thread title
  241. NMC no longer granting QMED "any rating" with engineering licenses 2000 hp and up
  242. Reducing administrative burdens on the professional mariner
  243. ConocoPhillips Calls for End of Crude Oil Export Ban
  244. Its that time of the year again.
  245. List of Merchant Ship Masters' during WW2
  246. Maritime charities address the tragic loss of the Cemfjord and her 8 crew
  247. a salute to the passing of a fine mariner and a better man...
  248. Grub Service
  249. any recommendation for sea school near Tampa/Orlando? (AB class)
  250. Tongue Point Job Corps
  251. Crosby Tugs
  252. looking to start out on the lakes up north
  253. Gulf of Mexico layoffs
  254. News: GULF RIO ran aground; Pieter Schelte arrives in Rotterdam. HD videos
  255. Reference Library for Professional Mariners
  256. Remote alarm for Android and iphone
  257. Seafarers International Union, list of companies??
  258. Vessel Capsizes off Kona one crew member missing
  259. New ECDIS and ARPA class in Port Townsend, WA
  260. Jackson in Trouble
  261. John Doswell - Working Harbor NYC
  262. star center class schedules
  263. The Bat Boat?
  264. RFPNW Tonnage Requiremens
  265. AB limited
  266. Fire in the paint lock
  267. Inside Passage
  268. Ship...
  269. Inland Seas mariner wanting to go deep sea.
  270. KULLUK-On-The-Rocks
  271. Mf/hf frequency preferences
  272. Ship Squat calculator by www.thenavalarch.com
  273. near coastal mot
  274. Well done Captain Argilio Giacomazzi
  275. Golden Meadows
  276. Facility Access
  277. I am recent SIU grad. I only have 72 days time this year. will I loose my B seniorit?
  278. Merry Christmas to Everyone!
  279. cruise ships pumping billions usg sewage into ocean
  280. SS Edmund Fitzgerald
  281. Unlimited License Renewal with sea service less than 1600 GRT or 200 GRT
  282. where to go?
  283. Arthur M Anderson
  284. Bowditch which edition?
  285. Sea time, Time and Half
  286. AMO Moving Forward
  287. Craziest Maritime Videos of 2014
  288. How to maximize tax advantages on 1099?
  289. "Any" vs. "Unlimited" tonnage question
  290. License degradation.
  291. 500 itc
  292. Harvey Pay Cuts As Predicted, Get Your Email Yet Boys!
  293. Watch turn over
  294. 1600 ton master vs unlimited ton
  295. Has anybody ever pondered the thought of sailing foreign-flagged?
  296. Training Certificate Submittal Time Limit? Calling Mr. Cavo.....
  297. Coast Guard back ground question
  298. 500 vs 1600 NC Mate test
  299. 500 vs 1600 NC test
  300. Chouest benefits reimbursement??!
  301. Getting copies of sea service already submitted.
  302. Exam answers on line?
  303. Warning!!! About Sea School Qmed Oiler
  304. A.M.O Election
  305. Capt Joe's software able to load on new computer without cd-rom?
  306. For the British Seafarers here...
  307. anyone hiring deckhands?
  308. anyone hiring ABs?
  309. Coast Guard to Regulate DP
  310. Shoreside transition?
  311. Stoppers, stovepiping and such
  312. Port Fourchon packed
  313. Renewal Questions
  314. Skyway
  315. 3/M Duties during shipyard? (container ship)
  316. where to go from here
  317. best pilothouse window defroster?
  318. Kirby tug lose power in GOM?
  319. 13 year old felony conviction
  320. US Merchant Marine USNI Blog Post
  321. ETO endorsement
  322. oposite watch oversleeps
  323. Leadership & Management STCW Course
  324. Thanksgiving
  325. Opportunities
  326. Able Seaman and "Extra" Endorsements...(Licensing Question)
  327. Will the low price of oil negatively affect the need for new seamen across the board
  328. America's Waterways Make the differance.
  329. Underway Projects
  330. Helix ESG’s Q4000 Damaged After Collision With Supply Vessel
  331. Upper Hudson night running
  332. New MMC Issuance Question
  333. Maritime License Training
  334. Maritime License Training
  335. Gulf rig explosion
  336. Illegals coming to a boat near you?
  337. Jackson Offshore in Financial Trouble
  338. ATT all non-ship mariners...
  339. Speeding Ticket.......License Renewal 3rd Mate.....looking for advice
  340. Money Tight at JOO
  341. advise for kid starting out in US Gulf
  342. USMM goes NASCAR
  343. Azimuth Stern Drive Training
  344. Question on Stowage Factor and Ballast Arrangements
  345. License Renewal (Medical Question)
  346. Anybody Hiring OS's on the Bayou
  347. Life at Sea
  348. Video of Tor Viking II Taking Golden Sea under Tow in 20 ft Sea
  349. Local 333 is now MMP/AMG!
  350. 200 GRT Near Coastal Seatime question
  351. Why is yankee pay less than coonass pay?
  352. USCG Ice Pilot Endorsement?
  353. Anyone know of a lawyer well versed in labor rights for maritime employees?
  354. Mooring Operations Survey
  355. What endorsements/certs do I need as an AB unlimited w/RFPNW to work on drill ships?
  356. Expiring USCG License
  357. Expiriing License
  358. SIU Seeking "Limited and Unlimited Mates"?
  359. A.B. Unlimited question
  360. Fruit Boats
  361. Large OSV Seatime question
  362. Morgan Reinauer in Long Island Sound
  363. Is the age of 50 to old to get into this industry?
  364. United Maritime Group?
  365. Join mm&p?
  366. Military "CHIEF" rating to go away.
  367. Testing at REC Charleston vs Baltimore
  368. Barnegat inlet
  369. Barnegat Inlet New Jersey
  370. Puget Sound Pilots and Sailboats
  371. "Crowley Transports First of Eight New Pacific-Side Gates for Expanded Panama Canal"
  372. seacor boat in so cal
  373. Unidentified Military Helicopter Encounter
  374. Able seaman pay
  375. atb operation question
  376. Ebola and the US Merchant Marine
  377. Working in the Persian Gulf
  378. Testing
  379. Small Vessel General Permit Goes Into Effect Dec. 19, 2014 Are you Ready for It?
  380. DP induction and reduction of sea time
  381. Fueling towing vessel question - follow on question
  382. STCW in Texas?
  383. TOAR Service Letter
  384. old so new to the site
  385. Quarantine ?
  386. Tug Maria Brusco, ex Ocean Service
  387. Where to live?
  388. Why Should the Coast Guard Regulate the Maritime Industry?
  389. 6pm to 6am, whats its purpose
  390. gCaptain Job Board
  391. Questions about ATBs from an industry outsider.
  392. What to do when in a vessel without a job
  393. Offshore Deepwater LNG Ports
  394. Old time traditions
  395. Best Med-PIC. Courses
  396. USCG ECDIS requirements
  397. Security training
  398. Navigation Software
  399. New exam rules ? Must pass more then 50% of modules ?
  400. Your first real paying job on a boat... (or ship)
  401. Capacity served as...
  402. HGIM Pay Cuts
  403. USCG Policy Letter About Guns
  404. What year did the oilfield loose its since of humor?
  405. Pipe Stowage Plan Spreadsheet (free product! www.thenavalarch.com)
  406. Upgrading my license
  407. Becoming a Harbor Pilot
  408. Mary Maersk
  409. Regulations for Port Fire Extinguisher's/Fire Plan
  410. VSO / Security Requirements? Panamanian Seafarer Book
  411. Should commercial fisherman on vessels over be required to be licensed
  412. New to gCaptain, Questions about the Gulf and OSV's
  413. layoffs
  414. Cruise Ships
  415. Haws Pipe a Viable Option?
  416. How About This Lifeboat Launch FAIL Video
  417. Large Containerships Collide in Suez Canal - Video
  418. OSG Horizon inbound Delaware River
  419. 1k per day ceiling
  420. Coolest thing you got overseas?
  421. Best possible decision
  422. New Regulations for OSV
  423. Upgrading to 2nd mate unlimited
  424. Starting the SIU Unlicensed Apprentice Program next month
  425. Randstad MENA
  426. Container Asset Tracking Devices and other Loss Prevention Mechanisms
  427. OSV fire in Agbami field
  428. What's New in the Tug and Barge World?
  429. New Study App
  430. trainee pilot seatime letter
  431. Truck dispatcher thinking about going back to sea.....please help me.
  432. New USCG drug testing?
  433. dde or limited chief training program
  434. apprentice mate, 500/1600 mate, 100 ton master question
  435. apprentice mate, 500/1600 mate, 100 ton master and the kitchen sink.
  436. AB to 500 to 3rd Unlimited
  437. Hornbeck & Harvey Gulf Pay/Benefits
  438. Boatswains mate to AB
  439. RFPNW
  440. A kamikaze
  441. Avg. pay for New Mate Pilot
  442. Bering Sea Fools Gold...
  443. To all my friends at HOS
  444. adrift sailboat:Tunante II
  445. MOL Comfort
  446. Words for the aspiring sailor
  447. Mississippi River 2 barges
  448. Sea Service on Non-Self Propelled MODU
  449. Drawing chart for pilotage endorsement
  450. Tides and Currents App
  451. Please take a few minutes to fill in this Survey
  452. Fast food in Fourchon
  453. General awareness of the USMM
  454. Income tax question
  455. Has anyone gone from brown water to blue?
  456. Requirements for storage of chemicals on ships
  457. Requirements for storage of chemicals
  458. Should the Captain of the Port impose restrictions?
  459. No more cup brushes on grinders
  460. How was Seattle Maritime academy's at sea internship?
  461. Not so 'steady' in AMO
  462. Just read on a Article on gCaptain about the Russian Ice Breaker with a Laser.
  463. 1600 mate Near costal what stcw do I need
  464. Hi, I'm starting at SMA this fall
  465. Smit Bracket Design Spreadsheet (www.thenavalarch.com)
  466. Traffic control for Port Fourchon
  467. Flying the American Flag
  468. eNOAD Arrival Port or Place
  469. Safety Flash Time
  470. Did somebody lose their ROV???
  471. Local 333 to MM&P
  472. Navy sea time - a new twist
  473. Offshore Supply Vessels of at Least 6,000 GT ITC
  474. Renewing Unlimited License w/ Sea Time Under 100 GT
  475. Bollard Strength Check Spreadsheet (www.thenavalarch.com)
  476. AHTS risk assessment forms
  477. NMC Saying "You're Approved" then Denying Upgrade.
  478. ECO Housing
  479. Jobs for deck-crew 75m 145t BP AHTS
  480. Attention All AMO Members - Reasons to Vote for Doell and Murdock!!
  481. MSC or Kirby?
  482. Farewell to Robin Williams, the man who brought Popeye to life.
  483. SIU Job Board
  484. Mate 1600 vs Master 500
  485. Small question to professionals
  486. New SOLAS requirements for enclosed space
  487. Any Steam guys out there?
  488. SIU's UA Program
  489. TWIC cards now available via direct-mail
  490. New to the industry, looking for old salt advice
  491. Pre employment physicals
  492. Nice article on the BBC about The Savannah and civilian nuke ships.
  493. Yellowfin marine services crewboat vs. platform
  494. Questions about obtaining TWIC and Z card for the 1st time
  495. Operator completely unfit to run boat
  496. Crew Internet Access
  497. EMD Fuel Consumption Turbo vs. Roots
  498. The Future Mariner
  499. Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls 1946 by Lindsay Lord FOR SALE
  500. Costa Concordia Report & GCaptain Radio