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  1. Ship Assist Work - Europe Style
  2. Chief mate assesments ?
  3. Trying to get my AB and have a question
  4. Upgrading to 3rd Mate With Tonnage Restriction
  5. Busy in the northeast
  6. AMO Impeaching Bethel?
  7. Disability insurance etc
  8. T&T Offshore & Phil Leisure
  9. Need help cross-referencing ports a ship has called on
  10. Advanced Ship Handling +more required by Dec 2016 for all
  11. Testing changes
  12. Video Container ship out bound Kills NY
  13. Sailing outside scope of license
  14. Chief mate/Master assesments
  15. Tug in bound from above
  16. Chief Mate AGT... Old system vs. New system
  17. Pros and cons of vessel types
  18. hawespipe.net 1600 ton education packet
  19. MMP Local 333??
  20. Genesis?
  21. Out to Sea
  22. National/STCW Officer Endorsement Checklists. Is the NMC high?
  23. Maritime School Choices
  24. Companies hiring OS?
  25. Job satisfaction: OSVs vs Commercial Fishing
  26. 500/1600 Master Terrestrial
  27. Saltchuk Buys Tropical Shipping for $220 Million
  28. Interesting, not good, newspaper story about Staten island ferry
  29. ATBs at Harley Marine
  30. Done at last
  31. Recent College Graduate in Search of Advice
  32. Has anyone successfully appealed the CM assessments.
  33. NO Talk about ECO's new boat
  34. Going the wrong way on the NorthWest/SouthEast Galveston Fairway
  35. Kidnapped off Nigeria An American Ship Captain Unveils the Truth
  36. Galveston-Sabine Fairway Wrong Way
  37. Current Turnaround times for USCG License Renewals
  38. 1600 mate near coastal requirements?
  39. Path to Unlimited Master...
  40. Any reservists (not SSO/MMR) currently sailing?
  41. Fluff piece on ImpactWeather - Kulluk tow Weather Routing Company
  42. Sea service letter
  43. Security Clearances
  44. Another question about Crowley
  45. Gabon Africa, bringing in tobacco
  46. MPT Ft. Lauderdale Testing
  47. Good morning, get the pointy sticks out, another newbie question
  48. Anchors - Poor Man's Tugboat
  49. NMC website is updated with new check lists
  50. MMC Character References Clarification
  51. MMC Character References rookie question
  52. yet another 500grt question
  53. AMO and it's support of the cruise industry??
  54. Criminal Trespass - Licence Application
  55. Norfolk Tug / Buchanan Marine.
  56. CNN Video: Captain Hazelwood Recreates Exxon Valdez Grounding Simulator
  57. Navy Shooter had a TWIC=new rules?
  58. Does anyone know what that ship is in Seattle?
  59. 200grt 500 gt oceans what stcw code II/?
  60. Need honest career advice from expert mariners
  61. dui and coastguard testing
  62. Twin astronauts Mark (KP'86?) and Scott (SUNY'86?) Kelly. Human Guinea pigs.
  63. Just received my letter to test and something is wrong..... I think
  64. New Launches on www.thenavalarch.com
  65. Licensing requirements for operating our company workboat
  66. Another Anti-Jones Act Article
  67. harbor pilot?
  68. Where are the Checklists
  69. OMSA DP certification is here
  70. 3rd exam
  71. Pilot on Board. Where's the boundary line?
  72. Best way to get an oiler job with the Washington State Ferries?
  73. Embarkation/pilot ladder winch
  74. Anti Jones Act article in HuffPost
  75. CNN report on Maritime Industry work causing Brain Damage
  76. Farnsworth Lantern test
  77. Serial numbers
  78. question about the manila amendments (you still on here Mr. Cavo?)
  79. TOAR and MOTV Questions
  80. Emergency Ship Towing
  81. A collection of Meow Man tag's
  82. Casting For TV Series - Seeking Experienced Treasure Hunters
  83. Anyone see our San Diego sea buoy?
  84. Med certs and company physicals
  85. Where should I apply?
  86. FBD: Software for Freeboard Calculation (www.thenavalarch.com)
  87. Need some help and some advice about my upcoming session on Tankerman Academy.
  88. If you could be a deck cadet all over again which vessel would you sail on?
  89. USCG Exam Coast Pilot
  90. Seatrain louisiana
  91. The C-Nav Backup Conundrum
  92. How to fix the Eng / Deck Divide
  93. Should I worry about twic card
  94. MTV Grandfathering question
  95. Maritime Security Awareness - needed for Coastal and GOM?
  96. Looking for Lifeboatman course in LA/TX/AL
  97. Sleep apnea
  98. movie ''the key''
  99. **NMC Closed Monday Due To Weather**
  100. No Gcaptain = no work
  101. If you could sail on any class of vessel, what would it be?
  102. eLoran Update at Panbo
  103. Amount of Scope for Anchoring - Dragging Anchor info
  104. Jones Act Hatchet Job
  105. Mariners House Boston, MA
  106. A fist full of papers
  107. DDE 4000 thumb drive study material
  108. IMO Solas Regulations for Research Vessels 150-less than than 500 gt
  109. MMC Upgrade and Medical Form
  110. Path to Unlimited License
  111. inland mot question
  112. "ODE to the c.captain"
  113. Terrestrial navigation
  114. 1600 ton mate to 3rd mate
  115. steersman & DUI
  116. designated examiner
  117. TeamSurv project featured by BBC
  118. How to entry the malfunction of ODME in Oil Record Book Part II?
  119. liftboats
  120. Un-Limited Verses Limited License Holders Choice
  121. Maersk Alabama 2 dead security officers found
  122. 100 ton captain running as 200 ton mate
  123. Harvey and LNG
  124. Hornbeck and ECO physical requirements
  125. No Discharge Zone discussion again in Puget Sound
  126. Mooring Forces Calculator (Stern on Quay, 4-Pt Mooring)
  127. looking for a tax man in seattle
  128. Odyssea marine
  129. Which 500/1600 Deck class school?
  130. Tug & Barge Seatime under new rules?
  131. Masters & Chiefs Work Load
  132. Maritime Labor Convention Ratified
  133. Best mobile phone carrier in Port Fourchon?
  134. Lifeboat As Rescue Platform?
  135. Uninspected Vessels
  136. Question about MSC/Navy Interaction Onboard
  137. Sea Time
  138. Who is responsible for filling out sea service forms? Me or the employer?
  139. New laptop recommendations
  140. Final Ruling on STCW
  141. Military time and License upgrades
  142. Dangerous times for pleasureboaters just out of Singapore
  143. gCaptain liferaft survival...
  144. Southern Towing Company
  145. Honors Project Survey. Help Required
  146. ECO newest addition
  147. Testing for AB at USCG REC center instead of school
  148. Longest voyage??
  149. Name Tags on Doors Requirements?
  150. ALL OSV Officers: You are about to lose your 1600 GRT Domestic Endorsements
  151. Getting MMC with debt
  152. GAO Investigation into MARAD - our take
  153. Offshore Oil Exploration Cut Backs
  154. Medical Certs for MMC
  155. EU Collision Regs Survey Project
  156. 7 more PSV for ECO
  157. Noble spin off company Paragon offshore???
  158. SIU Apprentice to Able bodied seaman to Cadet.
  159. SIU Dues
  160. Age discrimination at Piney Point still an issue?
  161. AB time used for QMED rating?
  162. Erie Canal Traffic Increasing
  163. Many New Builds are coming out, but what about the smaller boats?
  164. "Union Told to Pay for Strike"
  165. MUNIN Maritime Unmanned Navigation
  166. Foreign Flgged Vessels and Crews working in the GOM
  167. this will make for interesting reading and discussion
  168. Is this a case of a whistleblower without facts to support his claim?
  169. Bollard Pull Calculator (Excel Engine)
  170. youngest Unlimited Master?
  171. Log Dump in Time Lapse
  172. salvage it and make millions!!!
  173. A Little History Leason on Companies Caring
  174. Harkand Group
  175. Edison Chouest Offshore Officers Meeting, Wed 1/22/14
  176. PLB
  177. more maritime academy freeloaders...
  178. Have you ever been a user of /or addicted to a dangerous drug,including marijuana?
  179. AB unlimited question
  180. Craven Shoal Buoy
  181. Stena Line Outlines Make-Or-Break Strategic Plan
  182. inland vs offshore
  183. looking for co workers of George Cole Jr
  184. Light Well Intervention Vessels in GOM
  185. Harvey Screws Newhires
  186. The basic requirements
  187. Info on towing
  188. Officer Meeting at ECO next Wednesday?
  189. Unreal! All of you need to read
  190. STCW
  191. ISM Manual
  192. Radar Endorsement
  193. Auditor training
  194. Lessons of the Bounty by Andy Chase
  195. Lights to display on tug for ATB when at anchor
  196. Health issues regarding Mississippi River Pushboat licensing.
  197. Anyone knowany good seaschools in nyc
  198. Career Path Advice
  199. MMC and Misdemeanor Conviction
  200. Hope this person is OK, be safe fellows!
  201. Is one union better than another?
  202. New Construction Vessels
  203. Chief Cook sailing International -2010 amendments Final Rule
  204. Surface Warfare Officer School, NS Newport, RI simulator instructor position
  205. ECO rescues sailor
  206. Tinder
  207. US License With UK CoC?
  208. The Most Stressful Jobs in America
  209. Nyc dep
  210. Containership's 40 Degree Roll
  211. USCG Medical Certificate Req Jan 24th
  212. cruiseship jobs.
  213. Port Fourchon T-Mobile service complaints
  214. The Abdon Callais way ?
  215. federal license as master of vessels of 1600 gross tons
  216. Dispute over Panama Canal Construction
  217. NYT Magazine: A Speck In The Sea
  218. Sunshine Skyway, Tampa Bay
  219. US Tugs in Canada
  220. Russian ship stuck in ice
  221. Another Petroleum Train Explosion - Call your Congressmen!
  222. Local 25 ?
  223. NYC Work Status
  224. MV Akademik Shokalskiy
  225. Fire fighting
  226. 14 and 28
  227. It's Time Civilian Mariners were regulated by a Civilian Mariner Agency
  228. STCW Final Rule
  229. NMC upgrade?
  230. Delays at the NMC
  231. Merry Christmas!
  232. Work and rest hours survey
  233. Stupid Question....USCG no longer issues paper licenses?
  234. To those at sea
  235. applying for AB and 100T at the same time?
  236. Third Mate looking to sail again......just renewed license....want to sail as AB...
  237. Cable Penetrations Almost Did in the EMMA MAERSK
  238. DSTO Training / Regulation. Opinions needed please!
  239. Who the hell are these guys?
  240. A few not so common questions from a noob - sleep, living quarters
  241. Olympic? Frisco Bay?what happened?
  242. how to e file Designated Security Duties
  243. Executive Compensation
  244. ship to barge lightering question
  245. Working in Mexico
  246. Seatime in the shipyard
  247. Support gCaptain via Amazon
  248. tow endorsement
  249. A Second US-Flag?
  250. Health insurance in the GOM, how will the ACA effect it in the near future?
  251. I think ill just leave this here for everyone......
  252. VPDSD Application, Section III Question
  253. Oceanex Connaigra
  254. Why the Cape Ray and not a Kocak class?
  255. Hey Ya'll, I am new the forum.
  256. Any confirmed crewboat accidents in the last two days?..
  257. Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship - Writing Letter to Admissions
  258. grt vs gt
  259. Hard Landing at Port Fourchon this morning
  260. a fender bender in Halliburton Slip yesterday?
  261. Newly Hired Green Horn Looking For Tips In the GOM
  262. Advice For a Green Horn to the GOM
  263. Rules for quitting, coastal
  264. Thank you for the great information!
  265. class time?
  266. Philly/Baltimore Chemical Barge
  267. Advanced Firefighting Refresher
  268. Hey Ya'll,
  269. vessel tracking apps
  270. VPDSD
  271. MARAD Fire School --- Info?
  272. SUNY Maritime -- Best Values for Short Course Meals and Lodging
  273. Question?
  274. Schools for A/B to mate 500
  275. New Blog - Featuring Only The Best Gear
  276. "happy thanksgiving everybody"
  277. ECO Research Vessels?
  278. Pushing up in the mud in fourchon????
  279. Hiring during the holidays
  280. alternate hold loading
  281. Cable Laying ship/companies
  282. Cable Lay Ships
  283. Nav general testing for 1600 NC
  284. Cellular Signal Boosters.
  285. This is from Local News ffrom Olrando, FL
  286. Who pays more: Chouest, Otto Candies, Harvey, HOS, etc.
  287. USCG License with Green Card
  288. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy - VSO
  289. How long from submission to recipt of original MMC?
  290. AB licensing
  291. Time Limits
  292. Flashing Lights - Again!
  293. Chouest finally giving a raise???
  294. Nigerian VS. Somali Piracy
  295. Mercy ship
  296. Really? Are they this blatant?
  297. About the Helix 534?
  298. Another Notable Sailor Has Crossed The Bar
  299. MMD section 3 narcotics, DWI, DUI, conviction record ATTACHMENTS?
  300. Conveyormen Seatime?
  301. WSF Hyak sinks sailboat while trying to overtake it...
  302. Course recorder
  303. Port Formalities Survey
  304. Just starting-Need advice
  305. Veterans Day
  306. Sea Time Conversion
  307. 3000 GRT to 6000 ITC
  308. The Use of VHF and AIS as aids to Collision Avoidance
  309. 12-hour Watch Swap Question, 28-day hitch
  310. 1.5 days for 12 hour work-day
  311. The Use of VHF and AIS as aids to Collision Avoidance
  312. VSO
  313. The jones act is comin' back baby!!!
  314. life after kirby
  315. Tugs to OSV
  316. Need a Swedish sailing term "dunkie"
  317. AB job hunting
  318. Best Place to find work outside US
  319. reevaluating an original license application
  320. NMC says it's a glitch in their system, I said like Obama Care.....Hello you there???
  321. Palm Oil from Ship Kills Dog
  322. Cool oilfield retro video
  323. USCG New Rule Published Yet?
  324. Watch the AIS replay of the collision between Coral Ivory and the SIderfly
  325. Downtime fun?
  326. So it only takes Google to get folks interested in barges?
  327. Carry-On Sextant?
  328. NOAA General vessel assistant question
  329. Splendor of the Seas engine room fire - no E.R. drill in six months.
  330. Emergency exception to Ocean's endorsement?
  331. Ensco interview and physical questions
  332. US Ship building. Biggest boom in twenty years.
  333. ECO taps former Shell Alaska boss for future Arctic work
  334. My TWIC card expired while I was ashore
  335. Edison Chouest Boat C-Retriever Attacked Off Nigeria
  336. In case you guys haven't seen this, Richard Phillips is doing an "Ask Me Anything"
  337. Late life career change to maritime - advice needed
  338. Kirby Dry-Bulk ATB
  339. Current license upgrade times???
  340. The ATB - What Does The Future Hold?
  341. "Near Coastal" Map
  342. US mariners on foreign flagged ships
  343. Seacor continues to bleed qualified mariners
  344. Am I legally aloud to work on my boat without the office having copies of my MMC?
  345. "Captain" Robert Redford calling SOS in "All is Lost" Trailer
  346. EXPAT tax rules
  347. Three ring binder light lists
  348. Civmar msc neo dates for oct, nov, or dec 2013?
  349. applying for AB and 100grt master at the same time??
  350. AB-Mate in Training
  351. CG-719 fillable form?
  352. Master of Freight and Towing Vessels Upon Oceans 1600 tons - TOAR Question
  353. RECs Reopen
  354. Thank You, that is all.
  355. FV to MY/SY Seatime Log?
  356. Mariner advancement software
  357. Costa rica to Florida
  358. MR. Cavo, Does this old post still hold true??
  359. Need info on what to do to start and become a Tug Captain.
  360. 'All is Lost' Movie - Anyone know it?
  361. Capt Phillips promotes Merchant Marine
  362. North Dakota Pipeline Spill
  363. Back Surgery And Working Offshore...Advice?
  364. Abnormal color vision with passing score?
  365. REC's Closed
  366. What happened to Muse (Barkhad Abdi) From Captain Phillips Movie?
  367. 911 helo crashes off Venice LA
  368. Pee Test and Physical, Portsmouth, NH
  369. Coming up on one year for the sinking of the Bounty
  370. MET dde 4000 workbooks for sale
  371. UNOLS research vessels
  372. 333
  373. Watch change
  374. Safe Manning Petition
  375. Celestial Navigation test
  376. Harvey Supplier
  377. New AMO scholarship vs. MMP Associate Membership Program
  378. What are the steps to upgrade from 100T to 1600T?
  379. Float coats!!!
  380. U.S. Coast Guard publishes final rule for nontank vessel response plans
  381. Hornbeck's newest...HOS Commander
  382. October 1st Government Shutdown
  383. 200 ton upgrade
  384. TOAR School
  385. worst company
  386. sea time from 500to 1600
  387. RADAR Observer
  388. I need a (sea) lawyer to interpret Marpol V
  389. Pilotage question
  390. Brazil VS GOM Salaries
  391. 1600 captain to Chief Mate
  392. Could a Crower cycle be useful in marine propulsion?
  393. Workboat Show New Orleans Oct 9-11! Who's going???
  394. The Continuing NMC Saga
  395. Administrative burden (paperwork) onboard vessels nowadays.
  396. Good morning from a FNG
  397. Explosimeter.
  398. Jones Act tanker newbuild program
  399. 500/1600 3rd Mate
  400. Can a convicted felon acquire a TWIC and MMC?
  401. Sea time requirement for License renewal
  402. Sea time requirement for License renewal
  403. working beyond 28 days
  404. Siu school questions & concerns
  405. Sea Time. Check this out!
  406. A couple days in a different life
  407. Simple but seemingly effective anti-piracy device.
  408. Port Fourchon AT&T Service Complaints
  409. Maritime Academies kick ass again on Payscale.com's list of Best Paying Universities
  410. Shore side contact....
  411. IMO Survey on Paperwork - Last Chance
  412. Tugboat guy's look what I found
  413. Norfolk Dredging
  414. Would you/did you enter this industry by joining the SIU or MSC?
  415. Garbled: Nautical Terminology
  416. Can you Renew early and Upgrade your License on the same CG Application?
  417. Maritime Executive Magazine: MARAD Announces De-Funding of U.S. Merchant Marine
  418. ECO New Hire Needs Advice
  419. AB to Mate question, and a couple of others...
  420. Celestial Navigation/Oceans Upgrade
  421. Looking AB POSITION
  422. Sea Stories
  423. To pump or not to pump
  424. Strike in the NW?
  425. I got a disorderly conduct conviction 6 months ago
  426. Poor choice
  427. International endorsement?
  428. Who can sign off Chief Mate Assessments?
  429. Celestial Needed
  430. Ninety Percent of Everything - Anyone read?
  431. Land Yachts .... Any other Mariners get into the RV experience?
  432. Advice for the old salts
  433. Please can any of you respectable veteran guys help me get started in the field?
  434. Digitrace chart corrections
  435. Why do some USCG approved course certs expire after one year??
  436. How would you rate your long term career satisfaction and overall well being?
  437. Approved courses that substitute for sea service?
  438. Harvey selling boats to Gulf Mark???
  439. POOR CRUISE Passengers, getting stuck in Ketchikan.
  440. Am I wasting my time starting on a small boat?
  441. ATC?
  442. What is your opinion of SIU Seamanship School?
  443. Questions about getting into the industry?
  444. Why does NOAA have an officer corps anyway?
  445. Feedback on Selling Photos
  446. Taking advantage of your time off
  447. Harbor Maintenance Tax Overhaul
  448. Deck Deptartment Vs. The Engine Department..... Union Vs. Non-Union ? Help !!!
  449. Fletcher Community College / Houma, LA
  450. Cheap trans from MSY to Morgan City?
  451. Signed Conviction Statement for MMC
  452. Mutiny - ever here of anything as screwball as this???
  453. Drinking Before Watch
  454. What is Shell doing in Alaska ?
  455. The wage war gossip continues
  456. Leadership Development
  457. Leadership Development
  458. Would you work on your off time even if you didn't need to?
  459. Different Captains Salaries!?
  460. Great Lakes Freighters Prints/Art
  461. Older sailors.
  462. The biggest issue you will have at sea is the STWD department
  463. scopolamine?
  464. Harveys black hole
  465. Sailing AB with a Mate's Ticket
  466. What are your favorite onboard meals?
  467. Any Companies Training Tug Mates?
  468. Cargo line & PV pressure testing question.
  469. The path from dock rat to chief engineer
  470. Talking Politics aboard ship.
  471. Louisiana, Texas or both?
  472. Sperry Visionmaster FT
  473. STCW dilema
  474. Time and Money
  475. Advanced Fire Fighting
  476. Seattle Maritime Academy Engineering Track vs Gulf walk on, specific question.
  477. What do you do in your off-time on board? Technology access?
  478. QMED COURSE or just test
  479. Z Card
  480. Working in Europe?
  481. Foreign Maritime Training
  482. USCG Vessel Tonnage Calculation 1.5?
  483. STCW for entry level door knockers in Gulf of Mexico? Cheapest course?
  484. ABS pub. 164 addopting ILO standards
  485. Forbes list of Americas most surpring six fugure jobs
  486. Showing up in the Gulf with no experience: is it a good idea?
  487. Skills
  488. aHarvey Gulf buys ACO
  489. Paying it Forward
  490. Get out while the gettin's good?
  491. Working around hazardous products and chemicals on offshore vessels?
  492. How to get your file from the nmc?
  493. Using slave ships (cruiselines) as a method to obtaining AB or QMED rank?
  494. Do you work 7, 14, 21 days straight - then have time off? New TV Project!
  495. gCaptain Radio on iTunes
  496. STCW (watchstanding) required for an OS?
  497. HELP
  498. Virtual Hijacking a real threat?
  499. Harvey Gulf Salary vs Chouest salary vs HOS
  500. River Class Vessel Questions