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  1. Pilot vs "paper" pilot
  2. Pro's and Con's of working for Vane....????
  3. Buchanan NY
  4. question
  5. Major Emergency Management
  6. ECO Coordinator
  7. Career advice-Captain/Maersk
  8. I know nothing, enlighten me.
  9. atb barge loading
  10. Hercules Offshore
  11. New gCapatin Store - Win an iPad Mini
  12. Where Are We Heading?
  13. tankerman insurance???
  14. Any suggestions?
  15. motto fight
  16. Getting a toar signed off
  17. Practice AB tests?
  18. More trouble for Carnival
  19. Halifax, NS
  20. Real tug captains
  21. The Korean Peninsula
  22. Mariner Outreach System
  23. Looks Like One Of The Kittery/Portsmouth Bridges Ate Another Victim
  24. Show about Bounty rescue on Weather Channel
  25. new at sea
  26. USCG C/M license requirements
  27. NOAA physicals
  28. LM 2500 Engineers
  29. Lets Hear Of Strange Cargoes Carried
  30. accountant for mariners????
  31. Just issued RFPNW
  32. What Has Been Your Lousiest Job, Non Marine Jobs Too?
  33. Tankerman Asst to PIC
  34. Mistaken email from TWIC center -- in case this helps
  35. "Lateral-ability"
  36. 207xx: Supplemental exam for C-NAV. Any one know how to prep for this?
  37. Ditch Bag & Contents
  38. how to get an "endorsment" for 3rd mate?
  39. Coast Guard announces notice of proposed rulemaking for TWIC reader requirements
  40. Tug Operators in puerto rico
  41. flying with a type V inflatable work vest????
  42. To Fix the Jones Act, Fix the Shipyards!
  43. Sent certificate in late...
  44. manueveuring with twin inward turning cpp
  45. FWE
  46. Rumination on remuneration -- unlicensed personnel
  47. Military to AB
  48. The Need to Reduce Complexity in the Maritime Industry
  49. Come On Man
  50. M.P.T. any recommendations???
  51. Buchanon Marine
  52. For Your Information
  53. National Ocean Service R.V. Auk = safety award 2013 ??
  54. New Here OS/AB help?
  55. Promote c.captain to C.Admiral!
  56. AB Pay Range
  57. Travel from New Orleans to Galiano, Cut Off, Houma and Raceland
  58. Pay expectation as an OS?
  59. When do you think Google's going to take your job? We're training them now!
  60. Coastal shipping companies names?
  61. Chain Bridles
  62. PDF files for deck study materials
  63. 1 dead, 5 rescued from sailboat race off Southern California
  64. What comes next?
  65. Maritime Tax Professional?
  66. Deconstruction of well heads and rigs in GOM
  67. Curious about QMED Electrical License
  68. Alaska Jobs??????
  69. Guantanamo Bound Tug/Barge spills 22 containers
  70. for sea time upgrade is a yacht Bosun considered a superviosory position
  71. TV Casting Question - Looking for you Divers!
  72. Beating a dead horse. Again!
  73. Celestial module 147??
  74. regarding materials in the exam room.
  75. Electrical Engineer looking to switch careers
  76. Ex Navy wants to be Tug Mate/Capt.
  77. Transocean Drilling
  78. QMED Testing
  79. ITC Tonnage sea time for over seas Crew Boats 500 to 1600 ton upgrade?
  80. Need some help..
  81. Crew boat responsible for oil spill Port Sulphur
  82. Another TOAR question.....
  83. Medical Care Provider & Medical Care PIC Courses.
  84. Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd Are Pirates, U.S. Court Rules
  85. Any opinions of Coastal Transport in Seattle for employment?
  86. Scrap vessel
  87. Broken Tow in the GOM
  88. ATB, Tug boat, towing companys. SIU
  89. Working in Canada?
  90. Seeking Oiler's Course
  91. Voyage Plan Tips
  92. Pacific Basin Shipping, Berhard Schulte Shipmgmt, PACNAV.....anybody sail foreign?
  93. Research assistance - The role of Electronic Navigation displays in Maritime SAR
  94. 3rd Mate NC 3000
  95. HMS Bounty Professional Mariner Recommendations.
  96. So I love the Coast Guard....
  97. Are traditional navigation methods still appropriate on board modern ships?
  98. Japanese Whalers Collide with Sea Shepherd in Antarctic
  99. Preparing for an Incident
  100. Curious
  101. What are some of your hobbies at home?
  102. Weird Crew Dynamics
  103. Looking at MMA
  104. Looking at MMA
  105. Funny cause its true
  106. Food Allergies
  107. Union or No Union
  108. The Line Between Limited and Unlimited
  109. NMC Requires PL 11-07\Not a Hawespiper?
  110. Mariners Licensing Factors
  111. Congress wants answers on cruise ship debacle (article)
  112. Need Everyone Help here
  113. S/S MARINE ELECTRIC: 30 Years on the bottom
  114. What Government Agencies hire Merchant Mariners?
  115. Carnival - why Mobile rather than Tampa?
  116. Bounty Hearings
  117. John Cota Sues Coast Guard Over License
  118. Sail and Solar Powered Cargo Vessel Project
  119. Supply vessels captain position
  120. Sea time for 500 ton near coastal
  121. Containers lost at sea.
  122. Piracy documentary
  123. Good quitting stories
  124. First Class Pilot - Local Knowledge exams
  125. DonJon Marine Hillside, NJ
  126. IMCAred book
  127. Question regarding Master of Towing and a First class pilot endorsement
  128. Introduction and Advice on how to start.
  129. Drivers liscense and mmd
  130. Anybody has an idea about this?
  131. Starting out in the GOM
  132. All good thins must end
  133. Doomsday Dream - The Dreaded Phone Call
  134. Govt Cargo Screw Ups, Let's Hear Some
  135. 1st Raise of the year goes to HARVEY GULF
  136. "Derelict Cruise Ship Abandoned"
  137. 3/M license renewal: I need to do take home test?
  138. Body of Crewmember from M/V Saigon Queen Found
  139. Towing the Sunmar Sea on the Hip
  140. S.S. Green Bay
  141. Chart Correction Pens?
  142. Anyone sail with animals aboard, (not fellow crew)
  143. The Declining U.S. mariner
  144. Online Master's Material
  145. Home Study Software
  146. Professional Mariner Forum!!
  147. Chief Mate / Master AGT
  148. Master 500 Near Coastal to Oceans upgrade
  149. Finding yacht owner
  150. Tug Collided with blowboat in SF
  151. How hard would it be to go from MSC to ECO?
  152. OSG Bankruptcy
  153. Iranians take down pirates
  154. Shipwreck Men
  155. REC -Testing
  156. Hornbeck
  157. Grounded US Navy minesweeper to be lifted off reef by Smit.
  158. Navy vs Merchant Marine
  159. AB Unlimited to 3rd Mate
  160. military wide civilian hiring freeze
  161. Workboat Academy - The Facts
  162. Large vessel due 2013?
  163. 2013 Pay Scales, Travel Reimbursements, Benefits and Rotation Schedule
  164. License doesn't say "Chief Mate"
  165. Decisions
  166. Master looking for work
  167. Maritime Schools vs geting my AB ticket on my own?
  168. Need some helpful info
  169. R/V Seaprobe sinking???
  170. Mobile phone coverage in GoM
  171. Joining SIU union
  172. FAA To Ban iPhones From Cockpits. Are Bridge Restrictions Next?
  173. Old Maritrans Barge Explodes
  174. GMDSS Class
  175. When was the last time there was an at sea operation of Kulluk Scale?
  176. Has anyone heard of Int'l. Brothers?
  177. rumors at E.C.O.
  178. lapware engine.org module input
  179. US Officers serving foreign flag?
  180. Is it worth it?
  181. Compass Courses in Edmonds WA?
  182. Selling old mooring tails in Suez
  183. Looking for the correct path
  184. Huge imbalance in world economy (mariners not given due recognition)
  185. Kulluk Salvage Operation
  186. New twist in stricken rig saga: Shell was moving it to avoid tax
  187. Control of Bulk Cargo Residues
  188. Is Shell Ready for Arctic Exploration?
  189. What is your opinion about the cultural differences on board?
  190. BST Refresher on the weekends?
  191. USCG "Sea Time" Definition?
  192. USCG vets
  193. What's Bugging You?
  194. Becoming a merchant marine
  195. tax man recommendation.
  196. Kulluk Grounding
  197. Shoreside opportunities?
  198. Young and Looking to Learn
  199. Leaving the Navy but I want to be a mariner still.
  200. ITC question
  201. Membership in Nautical Institute
  202. Augmentation Systems
  203. Harley Marine NYC Division.
  204. anyone use Navmode app?
  205. Conversation
  206. Lady Deckhands
  207. Fuel Selling
  208. LAPWARE 3rd MATE Help
  209. Merry Christmas
  210. Stcw
  211. Harvey Gulf Questions Employment
  212. Voyage planning using Navionics Charts, iNavX software on an Ipad
  213. Getting a 3rd Mate Unlimited after US Coast Guard Academy
  214. master towing & 200 GRT ( 500 GT) oceans endorsement
  215. Income Taxes
  216. Career advice
  217. well worth the read
  218. Tropical Shipping Lines
  219. "I'll gladly pay you Thursday for a Hamburger today"
  220. MSC Leave Question
  221. Becoming a Tankerman in Texas
  222. Becoming a Tankerman in Texas
  223. Master AGT Exam Results
  224. Questionable Vessels and Stupid things that we did when Young and Green Sailors
  225. Emailing your apps to REC
  226. Study material for FCP ?
  227. RFPEW
  228. Paperwork on the bridge
  229. Industrial cold room need of the day
  230. Info on Phyllis Dunlap ER Fire ?
  231. No more day-and-a-half sea time?
  232. Umd local 333.
  233. Hi captains need help on celestial navigation
  234. Heading to La & Tx on job hunt try driving over to see what i can come up with.
  235. Unions- AMO vs. MMP vs. MEBA
  236. Tuggin' on my time off?
  237. Medical Care PIC Course.
  238. gas can storage?
  239. Starving Mariners ... again
  240. Penn lastest Kirby aquisition?
  241. Working in Nigeria
  242. Worst port authorities?
  243. Kirby Inland Hiring
  244. Matter AGT Inland Exam
  245. Testing
  246. sailor taxes
  247. Renewal/Extension of TWIC
  248. coast guard testing info
  249. Pensions
  250. Engineering advancement question. . .
  251. Noise on boats
  252. Closing the ATB "loop-hole" ?
  253. Rig Fire off Grand Isle
  254. NMC lost my seatime letters
  255. The Bounty fiasco and an undeserved black eye
  256. Employment Agencies and work in the Gulf
  257. Stcw structure simplified?
  258. OSG files Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  259. Knock Knock.....
  260. Career choices - Comparing Deck/ Wheelhouse jobs - Northwest Tugs, G.O.M. and more
  261. 2M upgrade application requirements
  262. Ship pictures
  263. Please help me and complete a survey about the cultural differences on board
  264. Another countries license
  265. return to merchant marine
  266. Columbia River Tugs
  267. Seasoned commercial fishermen needs guidance navigating the USCG Licensing
  268. sending oil to NYC on foreign flag vessels when there were US flagged hulls available
  269. Firearms Afloat
  270. the best stopper knot for this situation
  271. Ny rec
  272. Pushing full Aiming for an apartment building
  273. Election
  274. Any Terristrial Tutors near Mandeville for next week
  275. 3000 ITC Master OSV on a vessel with a dual tonnage certificate
  276. Solas stickers by dalite
  277. 300,000 Oil Spill, Arthur Kill, Jeresy side of the Kill tank farm by Outer Bridge
  278. Appointment of Safety Officer.
  279. Crew fighting on shore
  280. School ship activations for hurricane relief
  281. 3rd mate agt oceans renewal
  282. Who here has dual license?
  283. Captain checking rooms
  284. 2nd Mate Unlimited to 1600 Ton Master
  285. Diesel spill in the kills
  286. Harvey Gulf, any info helpful, Chief eng. jobs
  287. Ecdis limitations
  288. 1600T Master upgrade question.
  289. HMS Bounty and Hurricane Sandy
  290. GMDSS
  291. multimodal transport and intermodal transport
  292. new MMC card holder looking for career advice.
  293. Renewing 1600 t oceans master/towmaster Can I apply for any OSV license
  294. oicnw 100ton?
  295. will the USCG turn OSV manning over on its head?
  296. Ritalin, Adderall, ADD, etc...
  297. Our Future
  298. Policy 11-07
  299. How To Have A Great Day At Sea
  300. best san fransico tug companys
  301. Going foreign flag AHTS, PSV, or Salvage Tug
  302. Sight Reduction Bowditch II
  303. 500 ton master oceans question
  304. Northeast Marine Institute
  305. OSG may file for bankruptcy
  306. Harvey Gulf gives latest raise
  307. Licensing Question Regarding Chief Engineer Limited Endorsement
  308. Kenneth Graybill and Sal Menoyo Awarded Thomas Crowley Awards
  309. Approved to Test!
  310. New study guide for android?
  311. The latest from USCG
  312. A First-Hand Account of Tragedy and Heroism on Board the MSC Flaminia
  313. Do 4 hour shifts count towards seatime?
  314. Wondering about Donjon Marine?
  315. AB OSV Questions. . .
  316. New Mariner Seeking Employment and Advice
  317. Union or not?
  318. professional mariners
  319. Question for upper tonnage guys and industry vets
  320. Tamaya or C Plath Sextant? What is your opinion?
  321. nautical insitute question
  322. Anyone know anything about this boat? Isla Bonita
  323. Whats the big deal with MEBA??
  324. need a lil resume advice
  325. Whats the best dish you remember your Chief cook making?
  326. Tidewater
  327. Jones Act Violated from N.Y.Post
  328. Hepatitis Survey
  329. Mustang PFD Warning
  330. inflatable type v pfd
  331. The Future of Short Sea Shipping in the U.S.?
  332. Using foreign Masters to do assessments for USCG holder of 2nd Mate
  333. Shell Arctic News
  334. Navy Knowledge Online
  335. Barging goes viral via the post office
  336. SIU Apprenticeship program
  337. Anyone in Panama? Or about to transit the canal northbound (Pacific to Atlantic)?
  338. It's Your Call
  339. Hong Kong Ferry Disaster Photos
  340. Celestial exam
  341. CM/M assessments and STCW
  342. Its TRUE!!! Chouest Raises Just Came In...
  343. Adding up nickels
  344. How are Marines paid ?
  345. Difference between a Chief Mate and a Second Captain
  346. SIU Employment Opportunities these days for a fresh B Book holder?
  347. StarPilot-89 Navigation Calculator
  348. telephone dialouges between shipping agency and the captain !!
  349. VDR EPIRB Combo?
  350. Hello
  351. AB rigger description!?
  352. Listen Up! Advice For New Mates & Engineers
  353. MCA Highlights Ships of Shame, Detains 7 After Failing Port State Inspections
  354. Upgrading from 1600ton mate to master
  355. License stranglehold
  356. Maritime Labor Convention... Any one hearing anything about this.
  357. Options?
  358. 2nd mate upgrade
  359. DP certification for DP operators who do not qualify as per NI standards
  360. Where to get the initial 30 days of DP seatime?
  361. Quick stupid question -NMC fees
  362. License Upgrade Help
  363. Sunglasses: to Polarize or not to Polarize
  364. Removing rubberized non skid
  365. entry level pay
  366. Crossing Situations with Sailboats
  367. LAT/LONG Converted TO Loran???
  368. Cell phone at work
  369. researching old company MAGCOBAR
  370. Age discrimination in our industry?
  371. Ship's structure question
  372. RIP Capt John Selvick 09-13-2012 aka the Legend from Great Lakes Warriors
  373. Crew / Vessel Management
  374. False sea-time and logs please advise
  375. 9/11 Manhattan Boatlift
  376. Need help locating current or former cruise ship officers.
  377. Democrats honor US veterans with photo backdrop of Russian warships!!!!!!
  378. Hello US Coast Guard Sector Great Lakes! Are you out there?
  379. 3rd mate 2000 GRT but no ITC?????
  380. Anyone else having computer trouble re gcaptain?
  381. Manning question
  382. 500 ton Mate NC Study Material
  383. For any one who helped clean up the oil spill from DWH
  384. Coast Guard to resume posting full archive of mariner exam questions
  385. Power generating ship
  386. LNG Terminal in Tampa Bay
  387. A reminder to vote
  388. Who does cg physicals in the Hampton Roads area?
  389. 9/11 - Mariners Come Together to Evacuate Lower Manhattan
  390. A tugs eye view of the Twin Towers
  391. Even time
  392. What requirements to go from Master 1600 Oceans to MOT?
  393. First offshore platform
  394. Does Edison choust offer even time
  395. Brazil Captain license requirments
  396. third mate oceans upgrade?
  397. Transocean 3rd Mate Rotation
  398. Shell Arctic Progress
  399. U.S. Ship Held in Venezuela for Arms Trafficking
  400. Tsunami Alert Cancelled after Coast Rica Quake
  401. New TWIC Expiration Policy
  402. Cash Money, er, CrewCash and ShipMoney
  403. AHTS books?
  404. ocean marine OMSI nikiski
  405. Allied bought by Kirby??
  406. Interesting new ship in Fourchon
  407. Belzebub II makes it through the Northwest Passage
  408. Upgrading from AB unlimited to mate
  409. Payrolls, copies on board
  410. Who is Seacor buying?
  411. maersk supply
  412. AIS the Gateway to the Baltic/Russian area
  413. GOM
  414. gCaptain needs a hand...
  415. Obama to Shell's 2012 Arctic Prgram: "Drill Baby Drill" !
  416. Any info on Helix Offshore?
  417. Ulstein Bridge Vision Video - Some crazy ass stuff
  418. Port Fourchon storm status
  419. Isaac
  420. Anyone can help me with ship structure questions!!!
  421. ECO Crewboats
  422. navigation program for computer
  423. SS Badger
  424. Customer Requirements
  425. What is your occupation?
  426. Questions for the experts: IMO numbers and tug horsepower ratings???
  427. Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Area at New Low
  428. Anyone know this guy?
  429. 2ae unlimited applying for dde, dealing with nmc.
  430. The Debate on Sail Training at the Maritime Academies
  431. Best School to Get Engineering Credentials
  432. East and Gulf Coast ILA to strike.
  433. NOAA Corps and other options
  434. Ship reporting procedures
  435. Merchant Marine Medical Review
  436. I wanna know where the gold at.
  437. merchant seaman vs longshoreman
  438. ABS
  439. AIS Coverage in Alaska
  440. Arctic Ice Out Appears to Set New Record Minimum
  441. Hybrid Tug Campbell Foss Catches Fire
  442. Texas schools
  443. license ??
  444. 3rd Mate on Limited Vessels
  445. Today is the day!!!! Kulluk sails.
  446. Differences between OSV and Drilling Hiring practices
  447. upgrade mate1600t to master1600t
  448. Maersk LIne Interviews gCaptain, and the gCaptain Forum...
  449. Beemar bought by HGIM, pay?
  450. What is a USMS Admiral?
  451. I want to work in a maritime environment
  452. There USED to be professional Deckhands!
  453. MARAD - Who the F?
  454. Drillships vs. Deep sea
  455. Chief Mate Unlimited Upgrade
  456. Thoughts on your company GOM
  457. Is the USCG in any way obligated to follow the MSM?
  458. Specific questions about getting a MMC
  459. Fuel reserves on voyage
  460. Is Shell still waiting in Dutch Harbor?
  461. Msc (os)
  462. is hornbeck hiring?
  463. Looking for some help
  464. L & M Botruc
  465. EOT in action
  466. Hornbeck 1st half results
  467. Arctic Ice
  468. Any help would be great.
  469. Number of Licensed Crew required...
  470. GOL 300's
  471. How social are mariners?
  472. Mariner 115 1986
  473. Communications and Presentation.
  474. Bunos!!
  475. 6000 large osv - 3rd mate
  476. Bluewater Chief
  477. Former USCG Licensing Experts assisting Mariners
  478. upgarding not sure need help
  479. Tidewater have bought two new boats
  480. PMI vs. Houston Marine for Terrestial Nav. Opinions Please...
  481. Rule 1 to Surviving a Sinking Ship - Don't Be a Woman, Study Finds
  482. Smith Ranger
  483. Brazil working condition and daily rate
  484. Let me introduce myself
  485. Best (easiest read) book to learn Celestial Nav
  486. The NMC's website has gone bonkers......
  487. Encouraging every one to get involved in upcoming elections
  488. Inland vs Western Rivers test
  489. who has gone from 1600/mate to 3rd unl mate?
  490. Raises @ crosby tugs
  491. Future merchant seaman & needs help
  492. Non USCG required training question
  493. got my ticket BUT
  494. Callais Navigator Accident?
  495. STCW Rest Period Questions
  496. I have "deck" seatime left over, what should I do with it??
  497. Shot Record Card
  498. It's a start ...
  499. DDE unlimited
  500. Dealings with the NMC