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  1. Looking AB POSITION
  2. Sea Stories
  3. To pump or not to pump
  4. Strike in the NW?
  5. I got a disorderly conduct conviction 6 months ago
  6. Poor choice
  7. International endorsement?
  8. Who can sign off Chief Mate Assessments?
  9. Celestial Needed
  10. Ninety Percent of Everything - Anyone read?
  11. Land Yachts .... Any other Mariners get into the RV experience?
  12. Advice for the old salts
  13. Please can any of you respectable veteran guys help me get started in the field?
  14. Digitrace chart corrections
  15. Why do some USCG approved course certs expire after one year??
  16. How would you rate your long term career satisfaction and overall well being?
  17. Approved courses that substitute for sea service?
  18. Harvey selling boats to Gulf Mark???
  19. POOR CRUISE Passengers, getting stuck in Ketchikan.
  20. Am I wasting my time starting on a small boat?
  21. ATC?
  22. What is your opinion of SIU Seamanship School?
  23. Questions about getting into the industry?
  24. Why does NOAA have an officer corps anyway?
  25. Feedback on Selling Photos
  26. Taking advantage of your time off
  27. Harbor Maintenance Tax Overhaul
  28. Deck Deptartment Vs. The Engine Department..... Union Vs. Non-Union ? Help !!!
  29. Fletcher Community College / Houma, LA
  30. Cheap trans from MSY to Morgan City?
  31. Signed Conviction Statement for MMC
  32. Mutiny - ever here of anything as screwball as this???
  33. Drinking Before Watch
  34. What is Shell doing in Alaska ?
  35. The wage war gossip continues
  36. Leadership Development
  37. Leadership Development
  38. Would you work on your off time even if you didn't need to?
  39. Different Captains Salaries!?
  40. Great Lakes Freighters Prints/Art
  41. Older sailors.
  42. The biggest issue you will have at sea is the STWD department
  43. scopolamine?
  44. Harveys black hole
  45. Sailing AB with a Mate's Ticket
  46. What are your favorite onboard meals?
  47. Any Companies Training Tug Mates?
  48. Cargo line & PV pressure testing question.
  49. The path from dock rat to chief engineer
  50. Talking Politics aboard ship.
  51. Louisiana, Texas or both?
  52. Sperry Visionmaster FT
  53. STCW dilema
  54. Time and Money
  55. Advanced Fire Fighting
  56. Seattle Maritime Academy Engineering Track vs Gulf walk on, specific question.
  57. What do you do in your off-time on board? Technology access?
  58. QMED COURSE or just test
  59. Z Card
  60. Working in Europe?
  61. Foreign Maritime Training
  62. USCG Vessel Tonnage Calculation 1.5?
  63. STCW for entry level door knockers in Gulf of Mexico? Cheapest course?
  64. ABS pub. 164 addopting ILO standards
  65. Forbes list of Americas most surpring six fugure jobs
  66. Showing up in the Gulf with no experience: is it a good idea?
  67. Skills
  68. aHarvey Gulf buys ACO
  69. Paying it Forward
  70. Get out while the gettin's good?
  71. Working around hazardous products and chemicals on offshore vessels?
  72. How to get your file from the nmc?
  73. Using slave ships (cruiselines) as a method to obtaining AB or QMED rank?
  74. Do you work 7, 14, 21 days straight - then have time off? New TV Project!
  75. gCaptain Radio on iTunes
  76. STCW (watchstanding) required for an OS?
  77. HELP
  78. Virtual Hijacking a real threat?
  79. Harvey Gulf Salary vs Chouest salary vs HOS
  80. River Class Vessel Questions
  81. Documentary about F/V Galaxy fire in the Bearing Sea - Watch live Sunday night
  82. My guide to getting your Navy Sea time counted
  83. Inland unlimited tonnage
  84. American Steamship Company
  85. Mate inland
  86. Question regarding AB Limited requirements
  87. upgrade 200 to 500 ton inland master
  88. Charles W. Morgan Launch - Photos
  89. Got approved to sit for FCP
  90. Paul Candies of Otto Candies Dies
  91. Selling marine equipment - where?
  92. Old School Blue Blockers TIP to Help Sleep
  93. Genesis Buys Hornbeck Tugs and Barges
  94. tide & current software
  95. I'm still amazed at his response!!! Has anyone had any experience with siu???
  96. Best Advanced Celestial Navigation Book
  97. Gulfport, MS Airport Ground Transportation/Sea School
  98. OSV Brasil
  99. Wow!!! Not everyone is a bad person
  100. VPDSD (Vessel Personnel Designated with Security Duties)
  101. How hard is it to get an ab endorsement if i'm just wanting to cook?
  102. RF-ID mustering systmes
  103. Fleet size/number of mariners, GoM?
  104. 500/1600 ton test
  105. Watch my Video!!
  106. Leaving the industry
  107. Radar observer recert
  108. Eco new builds
  109. OICNW Assessments
  110. Any with some down time holding at least a 500 T Mates license?
  111. Question
  112. gCaptain Podcast Episode 6 - Bananas
  113. Chart Sketch Materials
  114. CG Physical requirements
  115. Classification Societies - ABS and Prestige / ClassNK MOL Comfort
  116. Can they do that?
  117. Best paid mariners?
  118. Buchanan NY
  119. CMA Master of Science in Transportation and Engineering Management
  120. Tractor school?
  121. What is the definition of "Sea Time"?
  122. Tradewinds Towing?
  123. Stumped on a chart correction question for NTM 27/13 to Coast Pilot 9
  124. Congress Slashes Civil GPS Funding
  125. Harley Marine buys Hornbeck, lock, stock & barrel.
  126. CFR on sea store cigarettes Official Rule
  127. Protection and Indemnity
  128. MOL Comfort Stern Sinks - Photos
  129. Rate your vessel. How is the design?
  130. unlicensed engineer to DDE 4000?
  131. Paid for drills when off duty?
  132. ILO & MI medicals - anyone know where to get them done in the US?
  133. news: pact curbs seismic surveys in Gulf
  134. AIS How do you use it? Vs Small vessles.
  135. New NVIC 04-08 Medical published
  136. 50 Doubloons free.......Blackbeard
  137. USCG Course Approval-(calling Mr. Cavo, please)
  138. Oxygen Refills For Boat
  139. Workboat Academy Presentation
  140. Amazon Warehouse potentially coming to Port Manatee (Tampa Bay FL)
  141. Howling at the moon
  142. Lat/Lon Deg & Min or Decimal?
  143. Most useful Knots on board a vessel
  144. Big money
  145. Soft lines replacing wire on barge tows?
  146. gCaptain Radio - Episode 3
  147. Help with audit
  148. Drug Test/Physical in Seattle or Anchorage Area?
  149. Requirements for Delivery to US Waters
  150. Tug Captain used as Blind Mule from Mexico to U.S.
  151. USA Back On The White List - Cheers!
  152. Can you believe?
  153. The Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom Consumer Alert Warning to Yacht Purchaser
  154. Researching New Career Opportunities
  155. The Passing of a Baltimore Harbor Legend: Capt. Herb Groh
  156. The importance of brand and reputation in the maritime industry
  157. What's the last job you'd take at sea?
  158. AT&T users please read
  159. No more ITC tonnage?
  160. Getting a degree.
  161. Thanks to Seacor
  162. Radar Renewal
  163. Old, traditional name for Sea Captain?
  164. Boots and Boot Questions....
  165. Cadet looking for weekend work at any shipyard near Los Angeles
  166. Companies with even time rotation for mates and captains
  167. Finding an Opening in galley?
  168. gCaptain Radio - Episode 1!
  169. Question about the internet connection in Military Sealift Command ships
  170. PNW Tug Wages
  171. Coast Station ID
  172. Stupid Questions
  173. Jones Act Violator?
  174. Info on sailing foreign flag
  175. Possible career change... industry insights wanted.
  176. Memorial Day Poem To The Merchant Marine
  177. Stcw tonnage req for license question
  178. Crosby Tug Sinks
  179. Canada Inside Passage trip and recency requirements?
  180. USCG Medical Conditions: Adderal.
  181. Any good ocean moving companies, relocation services?
  182. OICNW & Study Software Help..
  183. What companies work in NYC harbor? How do rotations work?
  184. IMDG class of a container.
  185. Pocket guide focuses on safe carriage of solid bulk cargoes
  186. C/m assessments
  187. Help regarding US visa
  188. COI Definitions
  189. definitions of COI
  190. O.S. Deckhand daily pay rates
  191. Locating official numbers from defunct ships served on?
  192. QMED Rating Descriptions
  193. Hornbeck's "Potential Customers"
  194. is this true ECO
  195. Converting licenses into accredited college classes?
  196. Merchant Mariner Satisfaction
  197. USCG Kulluk Hearing May 20th
  198. BRIDGE recording of PORTER (DDG78) collision
  199. Renew -Open book Exam Question
  200. breaking ships articles
  201. Matsuda Stepping Down as U.S. Maritime Administrator
  202. ECDIS training
  203. ECDIS
  204. Engineering ?
  205. manning requirements
  206. inland tank barge company info
  207. 6000 Endorsement vs. 3rd Mate Unlimited limited
  208. Rumors
  209. Forbes Calls Inland Shipping "Corporate Welfare"
  210. Captain Phillips Movie Trailer
  211. Auditors tell congress to halt maritime worker biometric id rules
  212. Picketing For Matsuda's Replacement
  213. Ship Slams into Italian Port
  214. new chouest builds
  215. Edison Chouest Offshore
  216. More Rumor Mill: Maersk Tugs?
  217. STCW Security Clearance?
  218. Galliano Training Center..? OICNW..
  219. IBU Los Angeles/Long Beach questions
  220. Harvey Gulf Pay ?
  221. Ab to mate 1600 upgrade help!
  222. RFPNW... yeah, right.
  223. Lifeboat Hook Concerns
  224. Wilhelmsen Ship management
  225. kirby inland vs. offshore
  226. CROWLY ARC Courage
  227. Pirates Breach Citadel
  228. Court Dismisses Hawaii Jones Act Case
  229. New Secretary of Trans
  230. Practical Navigation
  231. MEBA help
  232. Online Training Programs for non-USCG training
  233. AB Tankerman...
  234. Ballast Water Management question
  235. How many Bourbon Liberty's are there?
  236. Sea Service: Dive Boats/SE Asia
  237. Has anybody had a really great AB job they loved ??
  238. Workboat Academy - The Real Story
  239. MSC Chartered HOS boats in Washington State
  240. 3rd mate unlimited to 2nd mate limited
  241. two week notice?
  242. AB Unlimited to 3rd Mate
  243. Radar Isolation when crew are on the monkey island
  244. A new chapter
  245. Boats that don't update charts
  246. Recent TWIC Experience
  247. Ab special to 500 ton mate.
  248. Advantages of Merchant Navy
  249. Best job ever.
  250. Vision physical requirements for Edison Chouest/Kirby
  251. Job Satisfaction
  252. International Hydrographic Organization survey
  253. Commitment to the job; Your ideals
  254. I Just Don't Understand ITC Tonnage
  255. Pilot vs "paper" pilot
  256. Pro's and Con's of working for Vane....????
  257. Buchanan NY
  258. question
  259. Major Emergency Management
  260. ECO Coordinator
  261. Career advice-Captain/Maersk
  262. I know nothing, enlighten me.
  263. atb barge loading
  264. Hercules Offshore
  265. New gCapatin Store - Win an iPad Mini
  266. Where Are We Heading?
  267. tankerman insurance???
  268. Any suggestions?
  269. motto fight
  270. Getting a toar signed off
  271. Practice AB tests?
  272. More trouble for Carnival
  273. Halifax, NS
  274. Real tug captains
  275. The Korean Peninsula
  276. Mariner Outreach System
  277. Looks Like One Of The Kittery/Portsmouth Bridges Ate Another Victim
  278. Show about Bounty rescue on Weather Channel
  279. new at sea
  280. USCG C/M license requirements
  281. NOAA physicals
  282. LM 2500 Engineers
  283. Lets Hear Of Strange Cargoes Carried
  284. accountant for mariners????
  285. Just issued RFPNW
  286. What Has Been Your Lousiest Job, Non Marine Jobs Too?
  287. Tankerman Asst to PIC
  288. Mistaken email from TWIC center -- in case this helps
  289. "Lateral-ability"
  290. 207xx: Supplemental exam for C-NAV. Any one know how to prep for this?
  291. Ditch Bag & Contents
  292. how to get an "endorsment" for 3rd mate?
  293. Coast Guard announces notice of proposed rulemaking for TWIC reader requirements
  294. Tug Operators in puerto rico
  295. flying with a type V inflatable work vest????
  296. To Fix the Jones Act, Fix the Shipyards!
  297. Sent certificate in late...
  298. manueveuring with twin inward turning cpp
  299. FWE
  300. Rumination on remuneration -- unlicensed personnel
  301. Military to AB
  302. The Need to Reduce Complexity in the Maritime Industry
  303. Come On Man
  304. M.P.T. any recommendations???
  305. Buchanon Marine
  306. For Your Information
  307. National Ocean Service R.V. Auk = safety award 2013 ??
  308. New Here OS/AB help?
  309. Promote c.captain to C.Admiral!
  310. AB Pay Range
  311. Travel from New Orleans to Galiano, Cut Off, Houma and Raceland
  312. Pay expectation as an OS?
  313. When do you think Google's going to take your job? We're training them now!
  314. Coastal shipping companies names?
  315. Chain Bridles
  316. PDF files for deck study materials
  317. 1 dead, 5 rescued from sailboat race off Southern California
  318. What comes next?
  319. Maritime Tax Professional?
  320. Deconstruction of well heads and rigs in GOM
  321. Curious about QMED Electrical License
  322. Alaska Jobs??????
  323. Guantanamo Bound Tug/Barge spills 22 containers
  324. for sea time upgrade is a yacht Bosun considered a superviosory position
  325. TV Casting Question - Looking for you Divers!
  326. Beating a dead horse. Again!
  327. Celestial module 147??
  328. regarding materials in the exam room.
  329. Electrical Engineer looking to switch careers
  330. Ex Navy wants to be Tug Mate/Capt.
  331. Transocean Drilling
  332. QMED Testing
  333. ITC Tonnage sea time for over seas Crew Boats 500 to 1600 ton upgrade?
  334. Need some help..
  335. Crew boat responsible for oil spill Port Sulphur
  336. Another TOAR question.....
  337. Medical Care Provider & Medical Care PIC Courses.
  338. Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd Are Pirates, U.S. Court Rules
  339. Any opinions of Coastal Transport in Seattle for employment?
  340. Scrap vessel
  341. Broken Tow in the GOM
  342. ATB, Tug boat, towing companys. SIU
  343. Working in Canada?
  344. Seeking Oiler's Course
  345. Voyage Plan Tips
  346. Pacific Basin Shipping, Berhard Schulte Shipmgmt, PACNAV.....anybody sail foreign?
  347. Research assistance - The role of Electronic Navigation displays in Maritime SAR
  348. 3rd Mate NC 3000
  349. HMS Bounty Professional Mariner Recommendations.
  350. So I love the Coast Guard....
  351. Are traditional navigation methods still appropriate on board modern ships?
  352. Japanese Whalers Collide with Sea Shepherd in Antarctic
  353. Preparing for an Incident
  354. Curious
  355. What are some of your hobbies at home?
  356. Weird Crew Dynamics
  357. Looking at MMA
  358. Looking at MMA
  359. Funny cause its true
  360. Food Allergies
  361. Union or No Union
  362. The Line Between Limited and Unlimited
  363. NMC Requires PL 11-07\Not a Hawespiper?
  364. Mariners Licensing Factors
  365. Congress wants answers on cruise ship debacle (article)
  366. Need Everyone Help here
  367. S/S MARINE ELECTRIC: 30 Years on the bottom
  368. What Government Agencies hire Merchant Mariners?
  369. Carnival - why Mobile rather than Tampa?
  370. Bounty Hearings
  371. John Cota Sues Coast Guard Over License
  372. Sail and Solar Powered Cargo Vessel Project
  373. Supply vessels captain position
  374. Sea time for 500 ton near coastal
  375. Containers lost at sea.
  376. Piracy documentary
  377. Good quitting stories
  378. First Class Pilot - Local Knowledge exams
  379. DonJon Marine Hillside, NJ
  380. IMCAred book
  381. Question regarding Master of Towing and a First class pilot endorsement
  382. Introduction and Advice on how to start.
  383. Drivers liscense and mmd
  384. Anybody has an idea about this?
  385. Starting out in the GOM
  386. All good thins must end
  387. Doomsday Dream - The Dreaded Phone Call
  388. Govt Cargo Screw Ups, Let's Hear Some
  389. 1st Raise of the year goes to HARVEY GULF
  390. "Derelict Cruise Ship Abandoned"
  391. 3/M license renewal: I need to do take home test?
  392. Body of Crewmember from M/V Saigon Queen Found
  393. Towing the Sunmar Sea on the Hip
  394. S.S. Green Bay
  395. Chart Correction Pens?
  396. Anyone sail with animals aboard, (not fellow crew)
  397. The Declining U.S. mariner
  398. Online Master's Material
  399. Home Study Software
  400. Professional Mariner Forum!!
  401. Chief Mate / Master AGT
  402. Master 500 Near Coastal to Oceans upgrade
  403. Finding yacht owner
  404. Tug Collided with blowboat in SF
  405. How hard would it be to go from MSC to ECO?
  406. OSG Bankruptcy
  407. Iranians take down pirates
  408. Shipwreck Men
  409. REC -Testing
  410. Hornbeck
  411. Grounded US Navy minesweeper to be lifted off reef by Smit.
  412. Navy vs Merchant Marine
  413. AB Unlimited to 3rd Mate
  414. military wide civilian hiring freeze
  415. Workboat Academy - The Facts
  416. Large vessel due 2013?
  417. 2013 Pay Scales, Travel Reimbursements, Benefits and Rotation Schedule
  418. License doesn't say "Chief Mate"
  419. Decisions
  420. Master looking for work
  421. Maritime Schools vs geting my AB ticket on my own?
  422. Need some helpful info
  423. R/V Seaprobe sinking???
  424. Mobile phone coverage in GoM
  425. Joining SIU union
  426. FAA To Ban iPhones From Cockpits. Are Bridge Restrictions Next?
  427. Old Maritrans Barge Explodes
  428. GMDSS Class
  429. When was the last time there was an at sea operation of Kulluk Scale?
  430. Has anyone heard of Int'l. Brothers?
  431. rumors at E.C.O.
  432. lapware engine.org module input
  433. US Officers serving foreign flag?
  434. Is it worth it?
  435. Compass Courses in Edmonds WA?
  436. Selling old mooring tails in Suez
  437. Looking for the correct path
  438. Huge imbalance in world economy (mariners not given due recognition)
  439. Kulluk Salvage Operation
  440. New twist in stricken rig saga: Shell was moving it to avoid tax
  441. Control of Bulk Cargo Residues
  442. Is Shell Ready for Arctic Exploration?
  443. What is your opinion about the cultural differences on board?
  444. BST Refresher on the weekends?
  445. USCG "Sea Time" Definition?
  446. USCG vets
  447. What's Bugging You?
  448. Becoming a merchant marine
  449. tax man recommendation.
  450. Kulluk Grounding
  451. Shoreside opportunities?
  452. Young and Looking to Learn
  453. Leaving the Navy but I want to be a mariner still.
  454. ITC question
  455. Membership in Nautical Institute
  456. Augmentation Systems
  457. Harley Marine NYC Division.
  458. anyone use Navmode app?
  459. Conversation
  460. Lady Deckhands
  461. Fuel Selling
  462. LAPWARE 3rd MATE Help
  463. Merry Christmas
  464. Stcw
  465. Harvey Gulf Questions Employment
  466. Voyage planning using Navionics Charts, iNavX software on an Ipad
  467. Getting a 3rd Mate Unlimited after US Coast Guard Academy
  468. master towing & 200 GRT ( 500 GT) oceans endorsement
  469. Income Taxes
  470. Career advice
  471. well worth the read
  472. Tropical Shipping Lines
  473. "I'll gladly pay you Thursday for a Hamburger today"
  474. MSC Leave Question
  475. Becoming a Tankerman in Texas
  476. Becoming a Tankerman in Texas
  477. Master AGT Exam Results
  478. Questionable Vessels and Stupid things that we did when Young and Green Sailors
  479. Emailing your apps to REC
  480. Study material for FCP ?
  481. RFPEW
  482. Paperwork on the bridge
  483. Industrial cold room need of the day
  484. Info on Phyllis Dunlap ER Fire ?
  485. No more day-and-a-half sea time?
  486. Umd local 333.
  487. Hi captains need help on celestial navigation
  488. Heading to La & Tx on job hunt try driving over to see what i can come up with.
  489. Unions- AMO vs. MMP vs. MEBA
  490. Tuggin' on my time off?
  491. Medical Care PIC Course.
  492. gas can storage?
  493. Starving Mariners ... again
  494. Penn lastest Kirby aquisition?
  495. Working in Nigeria
  496. Worst port authorities?
  497. Kirby Inland Hiring
  498. Matter AGT Inland Exam
  499. Testing
  500. sailor taxes