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  1. Military to Mariner
  2. wow, this P.O.S. cost us $900 million
  3. now that John McCain's head of the Senate Armed Services Committee...
  4. Navy guys,What type of craft is this????
  5. Getting 3rd Mate's License
  6. in the end, it is ALL about making sure the A-HOLE gets the cash!
  7. AHOY C.CAPTAIN!! Exclusive: DoD proposes revolutionary changes in retirement benefits
  8. Chuck Hagel could have killed the LCS today but missed the shot!
  9. now Chuck Hagel wants to slash military benefits including pensions
  10. pity our poor retired military officers
  11. Radiation levels aboard USNS
  12. USN Sea-time to Cadet Sea-time
  13. time for a new c.captain rant...uniformed military service retirement
  14. Beautiful photos of BIG E's final entry into Norfolk
  15. Marine Electronics - Chart Apps For Your iPhone and iPad
  16. MSC and NEO questions
  17. Thank You US Military. You killed Bin Laden!!!
  18. iCommandant Soliciting Questions for State of the Coast Guard Address
  19. All the USCG you can Take: gCaptain
  20. USCG Proceedings Fall issue -STCW supplemental NPRM
  21. New Stealth Ship?
  22. "Scorpion Down" by Ed Offley