Well that looks like a good way to kill yourself…

The only thing we know about this video is that it was shot off Ocean Beach in San Francisco. What this guy was doing or thinking I’m not sure we will ever know.  Someone needs to find this guy and get the story/see if his legs are actually broken. My guess is he’s some Bay Area internet millionaire just blowing off some steam. What’s your guess?

PS – How about that swell?

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  • Louis Vest

    Looks like he was trapped. I think he would have lost the boat if he continued to run parallel to the beach. The swell was peaking and would have rolled him. Left turn into it before it broke was the only way out.

    • roberthall

      Mr. Vest, i agree, he had no other choice but to take that one on the bow. He was in a bad spot, but did the right thing.

  • http://www.gcaptain.com Mario Vittone

    My guess is that Louis is correct; while trying to show off a little (by running too close to shore) he got caught in the surf line. The slow and controlled way he too the wave after that massive jump leads me to think he had no idea how much air he was going to get or how his boat would handle in surf. That he escaped un-dead with a working boat is proof that even Darwin takes naps.

  • Capt. Geest

    Funny/terrible how you can see what I’m assuming to be a passenger levitating out of the cockpit as the boat crests the wave. I’m assuming there was a skinned knee or two after that guy hit the deck!

  • Bigron

    That could have been saturday or sunday at Ocean Beach check out the picture porfolio on surfwatch.com for the california coast the waves were coming in 12 foot plus at ocean beach a sand bottom and shifty peaks. and rideable for the surfers it was epic from bolinas south to mexico with a nice long wave period

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