Piracy Poll: Who Is Most At Risk?

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-+*It has now been six months since the International Maritime Organization published Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy which told ship owners how to deter pirate attacks. Yet ships are still being taken. Why? To help answer this question gCaptain would like to ask the shipping community: Which vessels are in the […]

POLL: Flag State Changes to Dynamically Positioned Drilling Vessels…

-+*As of recently, deepwater self-propelled drilling vessels were considered “MODUs”, or mobile offshore drilling units.  Recent changes to flag state classification rules now classify these vessels as “Dynamic Positioning Vessels”, thus changing the manning requirements significantly. How do you feel about the recent reclassification of DP drilling vessels, and the more stringent manning requirements?survey software

Maritime Command, Royal Canadian Navy, or Canadian Navy?

-+*According to the Toronto Sun, a junior naval officer in Canada’s “Maritime Command” is in a bit of trouble after he was caught emailing his senator and urging his coworkers to do the same regarding the proposed name change of the Canadian Navy from “Maritime Command” to “Royal Canadian Navy”; or as another official suggests, […]

Poll – Lessons Learned From The Deepwater Horizon Incident

-+*[polldaddy poll=”4069122″] In this poll we ask what safety lessons learned have been implemented by your vessel since the Deepwater Horizon incident in the gulf . When answering please don’t include mandatory changes required by regulators (Coast Guard, MMS, etc) but please do include changes required by your company. Also be sure to Click Here […]

Poll – What is the worst Anti-Piracy method?


-+*Photo Via Notes From Sea Level gCaptain has covered nearly every anti-piracy measure from weapons (both lethal and non-lethal) to Molotov Cocktails and safe rooms. Many have asked readers to decide which ideas are best but no one has yet to ask the, potentially more important, question; which ideas are the worst?