Scary Video Shows Self-Propelled Barge Flip Over in Just Seconds

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This video was just uploaded to LiveLeak and purportedly happened on a river in China. Unfortunately we have no confirmed details on this incident at this time, but Chinese media reported that a 'sand boat' capsized near Dongying City in China on October 21, the same day this video was uploaded. The reports said five missing and one rescued. Again, these details aren't … [Read more...]

Time-Lapse Friday: Hong Kong Waters in 4K HD

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This is one of a series of videos created by Captain Florin, which he shoots himself as he travels around the world on a containership. The original idea behind the videos was so that he could share with his colleagues the various maneuverings from ports around the world to help familiarize them with new areas, and it kinda just evolved from there. "One of the main … [Read more...]

Divers Nearly Caught In Cruise Ship Propeller -VIDEO

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These two assumed they wouldn't fire the props because the ship was docked. You know what they say about assumptions. Uploader Phil Jaynes tells us: "I shot this back in 1991 under the M/S Seaward which was tied to the pier in Cozumel. We had run aground a couple of weeks earlier in Miami so we thought we'd investigate the damage. We choose to do it in Cozumel because of the … [Read more...]

AHTS Tor Viking Rescues Mariner and Cat Off Alaska – Dramatic Photos and Video


The icebreaking AHTS Tor Viking on Tuesday came to the rescue of a distressed mariner and his cat onboard their disabled 30-foot sailboat approximately 400 miles south of Cold Bay, Alaska. A dramatic video of the rescue was captured by a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft, which arrived on scene and made contact with the distressed mariner who reported that he had no rudder or … [Read more...]